The Prayer, and Its Function
Surely I have turned myself being upright, to He Who Created the Heavens and the Earth and I am not from among the polytheists.

Surely my prayer, my sacrifice My Life and my Death are all for Allah, The Lord of The Worlds. No Associate Has He! This am I commanded, and I am of those who submit.

O Allah, Thou art the King! Thou are my Lord, and I am Thy servant. I have been greatly unjust to myself and confess my faults, so grant me protection from my faults, for none grants protection from faults but Thee. And guide me to the best of morals, for none guides to the Best of morals but Thee. And turn away from me the evil and indecent morals for none turns away the evil and indecent morals but Thee.

O Allah make Muhammad successful, and make the true followers of Muhammad successful here in the wilderness of North America as Thou did make Abraham and the true followers of Abraham successful;

O Allah bless Muhammad, and the true followers of Muhammad here in the wilderness of North America as thou did bless Abraham and the true followers of Abraham,

For surely Thou art praised and magnified in our midst!



The Prayer, and Its Function
By Royall, Allah in Person

This prayer, that the Blackman was instructed to pray under the leadership of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, was specially designed for us in the fullness of its expected answer.

On this particular part of our planet, in North America, where the lost sheep were found --- styled as “Lost-Found” (the Blackman) --- had no knowledge of what to pray for. Just being free of your slavemaster is not enough to pray for, so Allah, Himself, had to acquaint us with what to ask Him for. And to be sure that we understood, He produced a Messenger from Him to us, the Blackman in North America.

The fullness of the meaning of the prayer presents itself as such: we are expected to turn from the enemy of Truth to the Nature of God (Self), and because Islam is mathematics and mathematics is Islam, there can only be One God (Allah). Being able to see the power of Allah producing A Messenger in such a wicked and dangerous time for us as a people, and causing him to labor for 40+ years among us AND the open enemy without him being harmed by the enemy is a direct display of the Power of Allah, causing us to bear witness that there is only One, and the actions of this One Commands His Godhood.

In answering the prayer that He instructed us to pray He put a system in motion that attracted and guided us to the best of morals. Since there was a particular place to actually practice this, it kept us away from the evil and indecent morals. The accomplished example which He developed before us by the name of Elijah caused us to KNOW that our turning back to “He Who Originated the Heavens and the Earth” is most certainly possible --- so much so that any one of us that would follow Elijah would become successful like our forefathers and their families, namely Abraham.

The formula OF the prayer, by insuring the success and blessing of those who accepted Elijah (or “followers”) was to bring them out of following to the point of meeting Allah FACE-TO-FACE, and then taking on the arduous task of magnifying Allah. When we reach the point of daily visitation with Allah there is no more need for this prayer because it has been answered!

Those of you who read this short explanation and were followers of The Messenger you must USE the Math and SEE the correctness of this explanation. You cannot be one that magnifies if you are not the same as that which is being magnified --- this means that you cannot be a follower. Today I Have Made and Am Making things so clear that regardless to what degree of the 360-degrees on which you are standing you will perceive light. I Am Speaking to you most urgently. Open your eyes, and begin to magnify.

Time Is At Hand! More on this subject, if requested.
Royall, Allah in Person
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By Royall, Allah in Person
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