God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
By Royall, Allah in Person
It is a wonderful and gratifying experience to aid or help those that willingly pursue help for themselves.

This is a method that promotes freedom for Me, by placing Truth in the open, and a method to verify it is the first step for the person that is seeking Truth or knowledge for Me to be able to help them. This is why it is stated: "you take the first step towards Allah, and He will take the next seven towards you." This is a process that the Blackman, regardless of what he believes has not experienced. His erroneous beliefs and the method that he practices from his open enemy keeps him away from being helped by Me --- Allah, The Supreme Being --- so he thinks with the mind of the enemy of Truth against Me, Allah in Person.

This process becomes very pronounced when the individual is in a study of Life conducted by a representative of Me. The majority of these individuals start off very genuine. Because of the fallacy, the uncertainty and the carelessness of their "leader, teacher and guide" towards them, it makes them very disingenuous towards Allah when He Makes His personal Appearance. Disbelief sets in because they never received the proper foundation to be able to judge ANYTHING accurately --- especially living the life of the beast, while searching for the Truth that will make them the righteous. This practice literally ties my hands in the form of helping them and unless you are a key figure that has already been shaped for destiny, I will not help you.

Just from what one sees on this website and what is heard and read that comes from Me they cannot justify their ignorant behavior toward such genuine and NEEDED help for such individual. For example: the very people who SHOULD know and understand and are prepared by their guide to look for Allah --- The Saviour, The Supreme Being, The Man with the Answer and the Works to back it up -- are the VERY ones that have conducted themselves in such a disgraceful manner towards Me and what I Am Doing it causes Me to help them in this manner: by placing their "leader, teacher, guide" AND them in Class F!
When the smoke finally clears from the Fire that they are in, and they finally realize that I AM The Truth and The Light THEN they will realize that they were and are responsible for using the power of reasoning that proper thinking brings.

Because this reality of their behavior is distasteful it does not excuse Me or those who are with Me to be found negligent in Our Duty. There are many things that I would like to share to the willing ear. However, I will not be found breaking My Own Law by throwing pearls to swine because of it being such a waste.

One of My Greatest Signs of pleasure from Me is in one experiencing perfect health. The sicker an individual is determines how far away from Me he is. The mind cannot function properly in a body that is sick or ill, nor can the body express good health if the mind is ill. We are so accustomed to living miserable and with misery that we take it, or accept it, as "the norm". However, when the individual or would-be righteous accepts being with Me, their health starts to return, and the comments from others become more and more frequent, expressing their beauty and the light they see coming from them, and as long as they stay with Me it will be an EVER-INCREASING Reality.

So I Shall Say the same as I Did in the person of Master Fard Muhammad: "if there is only but one, I will take that one, and go."

Remember Blackman, I Am Independent. It is YOUR choice. At one time there was no choice for you --- today, there is. I will not make you be with Me, however you shall not live a peaceful life because that is NOT the order of Truth.

Accept it, or Leave it alone.
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