When One Is Blessed
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
When One Is Blessed,
By ROYALL, Allah in Person

During this time of Universal turmoil and trouble, mass confusion even in heaven itself (religion, and mainly Islam) it is virtually impossible to find someone that is Blessed, because of the first reality of being blessed --- that one must have Peace of Mind and this, you will not find in the so-called “intelligent man”. In fact, it makes it very difficult for Me, Being Allah, to bless the existing believers in religion because of the rhythm of their belief system.

The majority of the population — regardless what country they are in, or what religious belief they are under — equate being “blessed” by the tenets of the religion that they are in. Although it is written and/or prophesized, that all things are to be made New, meaning that all before now or what I Am Bringing in, has been rejected and always has been.

I, ROYALL, Allah in Person Am no respecter of person. That fact alone allows Me to be at peace while at the same time seeing you go through the prophesized misery that is documented in your religion. However, Heaven must still be built. It has been at least 7 (seven) years to date in the building of this Heaven that I Am Presenting. After bringing peace of mind to those that are with Me, they must have something to do that is of right and in accord with the Time and the building for Self that perpetuates their peace. It is not too far distant that I Will be employing a large number of our people, and in doing so, I am already prone to seeing them struggling in trying to catch up. That is a price they will have to pay for being negligent in their natural duty in keeping their duty to their Lord.

Every notion of God and His Existence that has been put before us is now being exposed for what it is. The Full Reality — I Will Be The Only One Left — The Reality. Those of you that read what you see coming from Me do not hesitate in accepting what belongs to you. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to make the transition.

Now, to explain what you will experience being blessed:

After peace of mind, you will witness a Protection that lets you know you are secure. You will grow out of belief into the power of knowing. You will have many things to do to exert your energy in a positive, futuristic, and meaningful manner. Fathers and sons will be able to come into their creative power; Mothers and daughters will have meaningful relationships or marriages with the Gods. You will be able to converse with the Angels (Scientists) that have many gifts for you. The Sisters will be able to give birth in the very near future with little to no pain and it will not be a concern for the husband or father of the child to take care of it. You will be able to make your own reality, and I — ROYALL, Allah in Person — Will support and secure you in your endeavors, a position that I Love to Operate in!

I am urging the reader and those who will come in contact with this or Myself to step your pace up — because I Am about to bring in a motion that is so swift one will find it very difficult to understand in a manner that will cause them to keep up. With Me it is a Great Day! Without Me, it is a terrible, terrible Day. And I Shall Be Diligent in Performing My Duty of eliminating the reason for this terrible Day.

If one finds himself having difficulty understanding what has been shared, turn the News on, and see if you can find Me there giving “Peace”. And if it were my Will for this world to have peace, they would not have to find it—it would be there.

Think over these few things, and remember: because you do not see the child in the womb, if the Mother is indeed pregnant, you will see an ever-increasing development until the appointed time of the arrival. So I urge all to take a look, so that you may participate in the Blessings associated with this Man-Child — Myself.

Think, Think, Think!

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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