A Complement to The Center Page "Too Long"
By Royall, Allah in Person
A Complement to The Center Page * Too Long,
By Royall, Allah in Person

Blackman, it has taken you too long to wake up, or come alive. And the problem with "too" is that it is a problem. "Too" long, "too" short, "too" high, "too" low, "too" much, "too" little, is always pointing to something that is not favorable to the well-being and comfort of the one that is experiencing the "too".

There is no gratitude or pleasure received from watching you experience misery--not by Me, Allah in Person. If I did get ANY gratification from watching you squirm and cry and whine, I would do nothing but watch you, because the Caucasian has made sure that you never experience anything but the said above. After reading prophecy stating that you cannot bring on the Destruction one minute before Time, nor can it be delayed one minute after the Time, should let the thinking man know that I -- Allah -- Am Right and Exact, Precise, Always In and On Time, which cannot be said about the majority of the Original Man. He is so used to, and accustomed to being late, that the phrase was coined "C.P. Time". Today, using that type of analysis will seal you in failure when dealing with One of such Precision. Remember, it states in the Lessons that the Restrictive Law is to our success, not the relaxation of them.

This is a Great and Dreadful Day that you are living in. I, Royall, Allah in Person, Have Produced for you a choice: to experience The Great, or for a short time witness The Dreadful. It is up to you.

End of complement.

P.S. There is much to be said, and MORE to be done, so I strongly suggest that you get busy LIVING or suffer the consequence of Death.
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