Truth or Consequence
By Royall, Allah in Person
"Truth, or Consequence" is a rapid-growing reality in this Day and Time. Being that Allah Himself is Here in the three levels that make Him Complete -- spiritual, mental, and physical -- it is posing an extreme hardship on the Truthful and the wicked because it is Time, Universally and especially on this particular planet Earth for Truth -- TOTAL TRUTH -- to make itself an everyday living entity in the overwhelming well of falsehood, negative, or the abyss of lies. The overwhelming hardship is produced because of the inflexibility or acceptance of falsehood to remain alive any longer. The life that this world has produced is only accustomed to the unreal, spookism and that which is false. So much so that it is spoken about in Ezekiel, Chapter 13, wherein the hearts of the righteous were made sad by the wicked man of this wicked world.

The key thing to notice here is that there are some righteous. Where did they come from? Before now there were no ones styled as righteous -- only the slavemaker and his slaves (or servants). And because of the Time that must produce an end to wickedness, I, Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, began to produce out of the nature of the Blackman the introduction of righteousness once again. However, after producing the introduction of said righteousness through The Messenger who delivered The Message which The Messenger nor Message was not able in strength or knowledge to defeat the overwhelming practice and the thinking of negative that this world produces. So, after proving that there can be some righteous people, this gave Me -- ROYALL -- the right to produce my own body and Come My Ownself, and Produce the Knowledge, Strength and The Will to be persistent long enough to bring comfort and produce Heaven for the righteous, and put an END to the negative expression that this world has produced.

Developing this process has caused Me to witness that which I already knew. My strongest opponent against My Will would be that of My Own People, that are still mentally servants or slaves of the present God of wickedness. However, I Knowing better than anyone else also Know that there is NO POWER that can be made or manufactured that will cause me to abort My Duty or Mission to the Original Allah, nor will there be any power that will supercede The Power of Me to Bring About My Will.

For those of you that have come under The Message from The Messenger, it is spoken about in the Problem Book #32. You have become POISONED. You have tried to mix falsehood with Truth, which has rendered you very ineffective on either side of the coin -- right or wrong. For any Blackman that is reading or has read what is printed by Me, or has heard the tapes where you hear words spoken by Me, or visit Our website, which shows the activity produced by Me -- and then find something wrong that is against their interest or Nature is not only POISONED, they are poisoned AND rusty, which brings about the question: "Is there enough Time for the oil of knowledge or righteousness to penetrate the rust before the annihilation of the cause of the rust and the rusty ones?"

You who sit back and think you have time 'because of what you were told' -- and you misunderstood that -- concerning Master Fard Muhammad and the expression of The Messenger as being "the Christ" feel as though you are justified to ignore Me and The Time are certainly the losers. It would be wise for you to remember: the ones that woke up or came alive because of Me and the oil that I Shared with them which removed their poison was only numbered to be 144,000 -- and they were seen going to Heaven with their Lord. However, the ones that I Personally dealt with were the number behind the mountain that no man could count. And the term "no man could count" only means that these are the men and women that were doing nothing, and it is virtually impossible to "count" nothing. However, by the time I Am Finished cultivating you, or dealing with you, YOU most certainly will be able to be counted because of Me washing your brain, or changing your thinking, to where it DOES count, and making you to wear garments that are "pure white", meaning that you are FLAWLESS.

So, I say again, if you squander this Time, you have squandered your life. For you to reject this of what I Am Doing BECAUSE I am Allah, and that interferes with your spooky thinking, this makes you unable to accept the Fact. 99.9% of you have never seen Master Fard Muhammad and never will be able to speak with or see him. So, your loyalty to a spook God, at this particular time, is laughable. There is more and more proof that everything said that is false concerning Me is being manifest everyday, including Christianity. If you expect to LIVE, you must go into motion and provide something of life for you -- more than just talking. Even when you lay your body down to gain some rest it may APPEAR to be still, however in order to perpetuate life all of the organs are functioning -- except the brain of the Blackman! It used to be a request that the Blackman wake up; now it is a demand, and that is the Truth -- or suffer the Consequences.
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