The Disappearing Black "Leaders"
By Royall, Allah in Person
Due to the oft-repeated request for Me to Speak on this apparent reality of the disappearing of the so-called leadership for the Blackman here in North America, this lack of real leadership has been spoken about in prophecy. Because of the Time and what must be Done --- and the key word here is MUST --- there is to be no confusion as to who and what must be done.

In the absence of Me, Allah in Person, Satan has fully utilized the time that was granted to him and his main purpose and aim was to perform his greatest work --- which was and is to confuse the people and especially those of the nature of Righteousness concerning The Author of Life, which is known as The Supreme Being, or in this Day, Allah, meaning The Most High God, The All and All. Because he had little-to-no interference while performing his wishes the world was converted and thoroughly indoctrinated by his way and expression of life --- or shall I say ANTI-life.

So, today, if there is no controversy, or nothing “wrong", you will find no attracting power to those of this world. Negative is constantly sought after and chased. Depending upon how well you can live with the negative and/or controversy dictates ones status in this world. However, since a definite time was given to Satan, then there also is a definite time for his removal and the bringing in of the New, which is righteousness WITHOUT negative or controversy. The process of bringing this about was gradual, until it has reached the point to where I, Allah Himself, Has Arrived. Before Me, there were those that were Sent to make a way. It went from the level of Prophet, Apostles, saints, scientists, and Messenger. Now we have reached the Final. It was described in The Message that AFTER The Messenger would come God Himself. In between that time there would be a Reminder of The Message that would cause the righteous to be ready to meet The Maker of The Messenger and your happiness. However, in between the Messenger and the actual Arrival of Myself --- Allah in Person --- We have witnessed during the night (from 1975 to the present day in 2002), many that work for Satan, and the devil, tried and are trying to take the position of Divine, or that of a "divine leader" of our people --- or the righteous --- which has produced chaos and 99% confusion in the Islam that was brought to North America by The Messenger.

In order for Me to realize or witness success in clearing up the confusion produced by Satan about Me, everyone that is claiming to be Me or a "representative" of Me HAS TO BE brought down, if indeed they are not ordained or Sent by Me. And today, I am not Sending anyone --- I Am Here Myself. The level of discomfort that these particular individuals will experience, which is talked about in prophecy, stating that there will be many coming in My name, and some working miracles --- however, they are not of Me or from Me. They must be paid for their wickedness against Me and My people.

ALL of them that call themselves leaders or representatives of Me have no knowledge of the future. So they can only act in a way that will bring them temporary success, which now, because of My Presence, is a fleeting reality. So, the particular person that I have been asked about over and over, to give an explanation of why Dr. York was allowed to practice the things that he is accused of doing: it is to show that no man has the power --- except Myself --- to express power unhindered. Once you reach the end of your knowledge with the power that you are using, and you are not held accountable you are bound to step back into darkness. NO ONE shall be permitted to hold the post of "Holy", "Divine", "God", or "Godly" in My Presence. However, this is a ploy and a tool that Satan uses to make sure that he takes one that has seemed to work for the Righteous --- the Blackman --- and then bring him to utter disgrace, so that his disgrace will cast a shadow on the REAL, causing doubt to set in, and thereby opening a door for him.

Anybody today, and I do mean ANYBODY including the Minister, that has in his or their mind that they are going to do something for the Blackman and have not the knowledge to be successful is doomed for failure and disgrace. There is hardly anyone left at this juncture. However, those that are, take a look, count the ones before you, and see the reason for their failure is because they have no knowledge of tomorrow, nor do they have the will to go through what must be done to produce a Heaven that they have not yet experienced or lived.

It would please Me much if this post was taken as an effective dose of get-well medicine so that you may come to or be brought into the saving posture from the impending doom of this world. What makes Me different, you may ask? I, ROYALL, Allah in Person Have The System in place that will allow you to be right and exact in your judgment and living, which will eventually produce a freedom for you where I will not be needed as I Am today. As it is written, I Will and Am Producing A Reality where no man --- in the near future --- will speak of a "God", because he will BE God, and I mean a live God, not dead God as you are today! And remember, it is prophesied that every knee shall bend, and every tongue shall confess to The One --- not the "them". And We do know that The One is not Warith Deen, The One is not Jesse Jackson, The One is not Al Sharpton, as a matter of fact if I am not recognized as The One, you are unable to find "the one".

If you haven't tried it, try it. Read these few words more than once. The Time is at hand.


Royall, Allah in Person
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