Having Your Own
By Royall, Allah in Person
May 22, 2002
One of the first laws that one recognizes when being blessed is that it is more blessed to give than to receive. It has been a long, long, long time where the Blackman could actually say he was in the position of giving instead of receiving. The Blackman never lost that which is to be given; only the knowledge to know how to master that which he owns. The last time that he acted as God in the sense of giving was when he gave his vineyard, or Earth, over to another man to rule. The good part about that is the present ruler never ruled from the design of the Maker, therefore never ruling what he was given rightly. This gives the perfect opportunity -- when the Blackman wakes up at his designated Time -- to rule once again what he has Made to be ruled by him, meaning that the Earth and all that it possesses is more willing to give back to the Creator that which it is designed to do.

However, in the process of the Blackman regaining his balance he must start to develop Independence, by giving his own self what he needs for Life. Meaning that he is to take charge of his post and all Temple property in view -- "Temple" meaning his thinking. He must walk his post in a perfect manner, keeping always on the alert, meaning he must do right and always be on the alert for the interjection of wrong regardless to where it comes from.

We in The United Nation of Islam have begun the process of providing for us the necessities of Life -- which simply means food, clothing and shelter, and the collection of thoughts that will make us successful in that process. This process that has been employed by Me, Allah in Person, seems to be a "strange" and "unworkable" -- or "unbelievable" -- achievement because of our present condition. Our people have become so fossilized in the stagnant thinking of the unjust ruler that they believe that they can have nothing that will denote their independence, and they fight HARD to make sure that they are not a part of their own salvation. However, since the Whiteman, or Caucasian, is the God of his world -- so much so that he made us help him develop it and then gave us nothing -- now, because of what he sees being produced by The United Nation of Islam he, himself, is bearing witness, as I heard from his own mouth that We are making the right move because neither he nor his brothers have never -- nor WILL they ever -- take care of us in the manner in which WE should experience Life.

The talk from them is beginning to be: "we admire what you are doing and we would like to help wherever you say that we can be useful". And they are also saying that they are perplexed as to why OUR PEOPLE are being so slow in responding to that which they need.

Because of the present condition of the world, they are saying they will not be able to take care of us as they have, much longer, and with what we are doing, they will have no remorse in dropping us, because they can find no reason for our reluctance in doing for self. And I must agree.

There are so many, many, many, many ways that this Idea can be magnified and strengthened overnight! However, it appears that we would rather go hungry than to do the work to prevent it -- like all other civilized men of the Earth do for their people. I have heard it said to My Face, and had it read to Me from the internet that if I "would just say that I am not Allah", I would receive the necessary 'help' to magnify the system for their own survival. How foolish that statement is! You are going to starve to death and charge Allah for your starvation, all because you do not want that said? We are in a pitiful state of condition!

I Am constantly Warning in every post that I Personally write on The Time and the pending danger that we, as a people, are in. This wretched condition will not change regardless to what your thoughts are concerning Myself -- ROYALL -- as Being Allah. They will only change when YOU, the Blackman, do what is necessary according to The Time and take advantage of the opportunity being provided. It is Time to have YOUR OWN. God Is a Giver. I Am the Greatest Giver of All. And as long as the Blackman remains in the position of RECEIVING he cannot justifiably call himself 'God'.

Blackman, there is a need for you to start thinking -- spiritually Mathematical. Not spooky -- SPIRITUAL -- so that all things may be revealed to you, especially in this Day and Time. When you find something better than what I Am Offering, and can prove it, by all means and without hesitation, present it -- it may make My Work easier. To those of you that are reading The Center Pages that I put up and agree with what you read and do nothing about it, you could be labeled worse than the ones that do not believe and disagree. What good is it to receive knowledge that MUST be acted upon and you sit still? Everyone that understands should do something to magnify the foundation that will support YOUR survival, or salvation. Call the National Secretary at 1.800.331.7668.

I urge all of you not to wait until the need becomes absolute and you cannot fulfill it. That WILL BE a terrible Reality to experience. And respond according to your understanding.

Think over these few words and do not let Time pass you by.

Allah in Person
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