Elijah Muhammad, The Messenger of Allah
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
May 23, 2002
I may write extensively concerning this subject in the near future, however for now, I will share just a little knowledge of how we are to perceive or view this particular individual. This is for all , however, moreso for those that are new and up-coming to this idea and the function of The Messenger. In fact, the very statement “The Messenger of Allah” says it all. Since everyone is dealing in “belief”, and are too lazy to think, they have because of The Messenger’s absence, placed him everywhere EXCEPT where Allah Placed him.

The Farrakhan camp has him [The Messenger] as “The Christ”, or “The Exalted Christ”, and I, Being Allah, would like to know what he has crushed? It sure isn’t the thinking of the people who speak of him. Others, with their strong belief, and still refer to him as “Messenger” forget about the part “of Allah”, they speak as though The Messenger is “the period”, and that he never made the statement: “after me comes God Himself”. Because they never knew The Messenger for what he really is, and definitely have no knowledge of Allah, they made up their own way of worshiping, or praising, that which should only be honored.

The Messenger is like the mother, or a wife, which in fact it speaks about in Revelation, [CHAPTER 12 “the woman standing on the moon”]. Being that a woman, or mother, teaches the children the basics of life so that their Father can take them further. So, for that he must be honored — not praised, because “she” can produce nothing New. All of these non-thinking Muslims who have elevated or demoted the Messenger out of his place are losing, because there is no valid reason for such behavior.

Most of them have placed the Messenger in such a position that there is nothing left for Allah to do. However, when you look at the ones who are speaking of The Messenger the most, they are the most backwards! The members of this planet that know not of Elijah, nor care about him, according to life as they know it make much better progress than the ones who are constantly lip professing their loyalty in an inordinate way for The Messenger, and are found doing nothing but arguing their “belief”, while nothing of the rhythm of Nature has deceased. We still have the four seasons like the one that we are in now – spring – which indicates that which has been laid dormant is now making its presence. Until we learn the laws and principles of this function, it will make no difference whether you know Elijah or not, you will not be able to master it.

It is a wonderful thing to know your mother, like we see so often of those that are supposed to have “made it”, publicly “thanking” their mother. However, since hardly anyone has experienced The Father, there can be nothing said about Him — until now. Since I, Allah, Am The Father, I Am now being spoken about by those who know Me as Father Because of what I am doing for them -- speak of me in the sense of praise, which is very timely.

For those of you that can think, or will: if you explore the rhythm of what I Am Sharing with you, you will see that it is Time for a Father to liberate His Children, bring them into a more peaceful reality, and develop their creative ability, which will constantly perpetuate the spring-like condition in their life, always bringing forth something New. And, for that I Am and Will Be Worthy of Praise.

So I say for those of you that do not know I will say it like the lyrics of the song: “Daddy Is Home To Stay.”

So gather your imagination and the willingness to be and see something New, and make it known to your Father.

ROYALL, Allah In Person
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