Personalism and Satan in the Nation of Islam
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 7, 2002
This may seem to be a strange topic to speak on, however there are many subtle things that must be brought to the forefront of our conscious.

In the Lessons given to the Messenger, the question is “Who is the Original man?” And the answer is given: "the Asiatic Blackman, the Maker, the owner, the Cream of the Planet Earth, God of the Universe." Due to the PERSONALISM that Satan has perpetuated, he never allowed us as a people to "make" anything but trouble. The Blackman in America expresses a relationship between himself and The Supreme Being in the sense that Allah should be with him. Some Brothers go so far as to say "my Allah does this", and "my Allah does that"---making it very personal. From the time of the passing of the Messenger up to this date, were it not for Me you would be able to find NOTHING that the Blackman has made other than an argument over the Lessons or the Reality of Allah, which he has mastered to the point of now being called "the God of arguments".

Because of being trained by the Caucasian, the training has always been to be "an individual", "a separatist", "a divider"---never UNITY---never US---to the point of being taught by one raised by God (The Messenger) that we still, with all of the "unity" teaching, REMAIN separate. Because of the few things that we as a people had to participate in, it never matched the daily activity of the enemy of Unity. The Message in and of itself did not have the power to break the root of this training. I Know that some of you reading this now are ready to argue before you finish reading what remains. However, before you start to place Satan in your thinking concerning this, remember we are living this---there is living proof that the Unity has not been produced EXCEPT in The United Nation of Islam, and we are still young in this reality!

Now, because of being personal, Satan uses this to his advantage to deter you away from being effective in learning how to be righteous. Such as: the one that transcribed The Messenger's lectures and put it into print, often added "Master Fard Muhammad" adjacent to "Allah", which gives the reader the wrong perception. Now, remember, these are the works of Satan which you have not been taught of, unless you are with Me. During the time of the printing of the books The Message to the Blackman in America, Our Saviour Has Arrived, The Fall of America, How to Eat to Live I and II, they were in hard copy to make sure that the reader was discouraged from reading them, the binding on the copies were so tight that it was an irritance to keep them open. And if you were decently dressed and wanted to read the writing of the Messenger, one had to be very careful not to get the dye from the ink on their clothes. It was literally impossible not to get it on your hands from the cover of the book. Then, Satan's greatest trial was to get you to fall head over heals in love with the Messenger, and having no understanding of the Message---keeping it "personal", and now the epitomy of that is Minister Louis, which is written of him in scripture under the title of Aaron. The people loved him, Aaron, and they knew nothing of The Messenger (Moses)---keeping it personal---so much so that today there can be no clarity of ANYTHING that expresses divine knowledge from anyone that is following Minister Louis, because they are keeping it personal.

To Me, Allah in Person, this is an overwhelming reality for the masses of the people seem to be in such study and search of Me. And to think that they have to go to another PERSON at this late date for them to "confirm" whether they are on the right track or not is damaging for them. This is done from the Christians right up to the Muslims who followed the Messenger and the followers of the Minister. Personalism, if not changed, will be the main ingredient for their death.

It is clearly taught in scripture, and I, Being Allah bear witness to what is written, that I am NOT a respecter of persons---meaning, I AM NOT PERSONAL. To read where the poor followers are “sciencing” up and down and all around for that which is "true" and the "method of truth" for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of keeping their leader in the position of LOOKING like a leader---is because of personalism.

Personalism was running rampant during the time of Elijah and his Messengership, to the point of no one in his family being with him BECAUSE of personalism. That process has perpetuated itself right up to the modern day. Laborers who are supposed to be laboring in behalf of the Unity and Understanding of The Time and what Must Be Done, are stagnated---because of personalism. Husbands and wives cannot get along because all of the Divinity has been removed. You have taken whatever "divinity" that you can muster up and have placed it on your leader---personalism---while the divorce rate is constantly escalating.

So I, Being Allah, Am Developing a Nation DEVOID of personalism, which absolutely produces Unity because EVERYONE who is with Me is working hard and developing into the Oneness of THE IDEA---which castrates Satan from being effective on us from personalism.

Just remember---which can easily be brought to mind---that you are not unified yet, UNLESS you are with Me. It was clear what was delivered in the Message---that we will be One, or NOTHING. And all who speak the Truth and the UNITY that it produces should be fed up with nothing---we have had nothing too long. It is past time to put Satan in check! Each and everyone that expects to have UNITY or to participate in the building and LIVING in the Hereafter---remember---for you to BE God, or even the cream of this planet, YOU HAVE GOT TO MAKE SOMETHING, and there is nothing left to make other than PEACE and UNITY. So you need to get busy understanding the Time, What and Who is producing Unity. Remember the lessons: "up you mighty Nation, and accomplish what you will." And the only way that you can come up, you must practice that which is Right BECAUSE it is right.

So I urge you to drop Satan, and come on, before I Close the door---for good.

Allah in Person
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