The Pain of Birth
By Royall, Allah in Person-
June 2, 2002
We have a Law that was put in place during the Origin of Creation, and that is that the little things are extremely important. However, because of its minute size and non-threatening posture it is often overlooked. So it is with anything of importance in Life or in the development of it. When the little things are attached to Life its grows so subtly from little to major that the life or life form that is experiencing this never brings a situation of alarm because the Life that is associated with it is always looking for something larger than itself, therefore always overlooking or ignoring the support base that is causing it to grow. Much like it is today. During the process of presenting Myself as My True Identity, I seemed very small and “insignificant” -- as did all of the prophets and/or Messengers. We always appear as "nothing" while thoroughly entrenching ourselves in the purpose of our presence. When we become large enough for the prior Life to recognize that this simple thing is no longer simple or small then there becomes a real necessity for a birth or a separation---and then, the pain begins.

The ones in the Nation of Islam that was produced by The Messenger are constantly repeating that they are looking for that which is big, and has established itself and is recognized as being the power -- in this case, Master Fard Muhammad. However, they have missed "the small things".

This practice is now being expressed in the Nation of Islam under Minister Louis' leadership. Everyone of the followers, sympathizes and friends, and others that just don't know are looking at what they think is "huge" or "big". The leader himself made the statement that I, Royall, Allah in Person, am too small and insignificant to deal with. He will leave that task to the FOI, while he deals with the kings, leaders, and prime ministers of the world! And now that which was "insignificant" has grown to the point that there must be a decisive line drawn between the two that are spoken -- meaning birth of the one that is insignificant, which is now causing tremendous pain. So much so that the unwilling host, to see the new life come forth, is being brought to a complete stand-still, just as a Mother giving birth to her child, and for a few hours that is ALL that she can concentrate on---and depending on how resistant the Mother is to having the child will determine the length and the severity of the labor pains.

When the Child is a Divine Being, it usually makes its entrance into the world or separation from the host -- the Mother -- with no tears or crying, only with a curious look that is to identify where they are, while the Mother is all but paralyzed, requiring time measured in weeks for recovery. This scenario is being lived out as you read, and by Our own Divine Law, this traumatic experience is so devastating to the host, or Mother, that we are not expected to cause a repeat of said above until at least three years.

Now, how this relates to Me, Allah in Person: the ones that were the followers of The Messenger are looking for the “big” (Master Fard Muhammad). The ones that are following Minister Louis are looking at him as though he is “the big”. And the ones that are seeking the Truth from the base of its origin, from the minute to the complicated, have found and are recognizing that which everyone called “small”. And in dealing with our Brothers that should be experiencing the same as we, there is a complete turnoff from both sides---or both ends---which brings about pain until the Mother, or host (in this case the Nation of Islam) recognizes the New Divine Light. And, as a rule, the Mother of the New Child quickly develops a love that is unmatched for the “big”, or the known. And it is a good practice to remember the saying, which is True, that Allah protects babies, especially if it is Divine.

This is something for the wise to think about so that it may be put in motion to the degree that it will affect the ignorant in a positive way. One may ask why is their favor shown to the baby above the Mother, or host? And it is because the baby has not lived long enough to make responsible errors or mistakes, where the Mother, or host, has. One of the greatest errors or mistakes that the Mother can do is to ignore the reality of the New Life.

Think over this. It may ease the pain of participating in, or witnessing the birth of this New Allah. And, to identify some of the pain being experienced by the followers of The Messenger: the shock of learning in a Mathematical Way that who they THOUGHT was Allah, actually is not. Being fossilized and stubborn causes them to refuse the inevitable, causing a mental violence in their thinking because of their perception of disrespect by the presence of this New Life. With the Nation of Islam headed by Minister Louis, and in his mind it is a painful thing not to be the One recognized as he once was because he really believes that he is the only one. His followers are tremendously hurt because they see the New Life but can not relate to it, and it proves to them that their leader is now spoken of in the past tense---because of the New Life. That is a hurting thing.

These bits and pieces of knowledge are very key for one to explore if they expect to be a part of The New.

Royall, Allah in Person
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