A Few More “cents”
On The Way Adding Up To Being A Whole
By Royall, Allah in Person-
June 19, 2002
As far as one can travel back in the history of the 6,000 years they will find that the purpose of the Supreme Being is to bring out the fallacy in his created light, allowing the best of His Creation to go through whatever deemed necessary to expose this fallacy 100%, and then preserve and save the best of His Creation that survives the length of time of said exposure.

The latest pronounced fraction of My Plan was the raising of Elijah Muhammad to recite the last and final Message to the best of Creation --- the Blackman of North America. However, to ensure that only the best, or "the cream" would benefit from this pronounced Message concerning the intense time one would have to be taught how to THINK to maximize all the "cents", or fractions, that will produce stability in the face of the pending destruction, which all men will be a part of or affected by. I am inspired to Share these few words to increase or magnify the need for immediate thinking and the correct posture because of the rapidly declining reality of uncertainty.

Since the Class F has been lifted on the followers of the Nation of Islam it is a visible showing that I have no Will to witness their unneeded suffering that is being brought on by the worshiping of a person, instead of the practice of thinking. Just a few things that make sense. A Message to the Blackman was just that, to the Blackman --- not to the enemy, nor an effort to save someone other than the Blackman before he is saved. This display of self-aggrandizement and supreme hypocrisy that the Minister is showing is proving to be extremely dangerous for the unaware Blackman. Making sense: you never clean up someone else's house before you clean yours. You never follow a leader that doesn't know where he is going, especially when that has already been prophesized. That makes sense. He who has been prophesized as being the enemy and live to prove the prophecy to be true always makes a way out for himself before he engages in any impending danger---which makes sense. He has a country that We allowed him to have that is 2,000 x 3,000, a piece of land that was promised to him where he could wreak havoc for a short while. To protect himself and to promote safety for himself he developed the CIA, FBI, and many other law enforcement agencies. However Minister Louis, Warith Deen, Silis Muhammad and a few others that have made comments concerning me, including 7thfam, there can be nothing found that they have produced as a way out or any security for their "faithful followers". It appears to be a leadership that teaches spookism.

When the danger increases to the point where it meets you at your door it will be too late then to seek your stability. Making sense. It is not written in prophecy that a Minister --- whether he is honorable or not --- a Messenger -- whether sent or raised, a strong believer, whether right or wrong, would do ANYTHING to this God of unrighteousness. So you waste your time being with or even associating oneself with this kind of situation. It is well known that the question was asked: "who is able to make war with this beast?" The Messenger never answered, Louis never answered, John Muhammad didn't answer, Warith Deen didn't answer, 7thfam didn't answer. I ROYALL Did answer, and I am doing so as we speak. It is just that I am masterful at it, so much so that you can't even see it. However there is one thing that you will see, if you don't see Me that will be your end. That is a promise. It is written that the kingdom will be taken WITHOUT hands, and that The Supreme Being himself would be The Taker. Making sense. Since Allah can not be made a liar, regardless to how many of you chose to call names and be insulting, drop subtle threats, it all amounts to nothing. I am not only The Saviour, I Am also The Deliverer. And one should remember that there is a difference. There is nothing that a Minister can do or expect to achieve dealing with a people that know more about scripture and history than he does. This is not a duty for a Minister or a Prophet or a Messenger --- God has to deal with God.

These few words are placed here for your reading, so that it may make a "few cents" to you, on your road to recovery and being made whole. I am not an individual who sits still and allows the man that I came after to be told "just anything" and I say or do nothing because it appears as though "the leader" is trying to do something good. We have already passed the point of trying. When you are trying you do not know. When you do what you mean and mean what you do it is much greater than "trying".

I already Know how this is going to turn out, so when the disappointment overwhelms you, and the threats from the power of this government frighten you and you can only rely on THEIR mercy then, and perhaps only then, the Shock of the Hour will be too much for you to learn that there is no mercy for you --- you have overlooked it, and passed it by, in the Person of Royall, Allah in Person. And just a note of history: the Jews never accepted Jesus, and they rebelled against Moses so now they are supposed to fear a Minister? Making sense! And remember, Blackman, just because I am talking to you doesn't mean that I am waiting for you. This is the same as the principle as the man not knowing how to swim and falls into the ocean. Because he has not learned how to obey the law that will keep him afloat, he will most certainly drown. The best way to receive what you are reading is to make sense out of this mercy that is being extended, and not --- I repeat --- NOT subtract these few "cents". If so, it is to YOUR detriment.

Royall, Allah in Person

P.S. You should remember that I Have already told you in prophesy that this destruction is to be brought on in a way that you perceive not. Think over this.
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