Satanic Chokehold
By Royall, Allah in Person-
June 25, 2002
In the Course and Duty of Being The Deliverer of My People and the Planet, I Am Adequately Prepared to deal with the ever-graduating grip on our people and the Planet by way of the devil and his master, which is Satan. In order for Satan to be successful, We --- THE God and Gods --- made for him a willing participant that would make his wishes come true, for a short while. The man made for him is known as the Caucasian. And from the knowledge of Satan that he collected from watching us, was allowed to express himself through the made-man to all-but TOTALLY capture the Originator of the planet. How? By way of giving them something to do in almost every aspect of thought, and then made the poor Blackman to practice living the way that he "demanded" it to be. So, now, the chokehold is mentally self-inflicted on the Blackman FROM HIMSELF, thinking and believing that he "is right" in what he does, making it extremely difficult for Me to save him, especially since I cannot have any partner. It is as it has been stated in The Message -- to be with Me, Allah, requires TOTAL submission, which this self-inflicted chokehold will not allow the majority, or even the Cream of the Planet to do without a Supreme, Divine struggle.

In the process of reaching across the ocean to lock hands with our Brothers, it has become absolutely apparent and clear that that a chokehold is on our Brothers in the Motherland to the degree that I, and I Alone, Am The Only One that can break it, so as the child that they produce can come back to their Father and present and put into practice The New that they deserve. In the Lessons, it is stated this way: 'our hearts will be turned to our Fathers, and our Fathers' hearts turned back to us.'

During the time of The Message and The Muhammad Speaks paper there was depicted a serpent encircling both continents -- Africa and North America. I use that, at that time, to show the seriousness of the grip of Satan and the devil on the Original people of the Earth, which is a sign to show that if Man or beast is to ever test his strength the serpent is the best creature to use. The more effort that you apply to be released from this grip the tighter the grip will be applied by the serpent. However, if no resistance from the victim is realized by the serpent, he takes it as a victory and moves on. In this case, I Allah am appearing as nothing while making preparations to remove My People from the clutches, or chokehold, from this serpent. Conducting business with our "fathers" in the Motherland is almost virtually impossible because of this supreme grip. And, to do business with the Blackman in this continent -- North America -- is virtually impossible because of no stability and the total dependence on the serpent of this land.

The very purpose for the children to be reunited WITH their Father is because I Am Making the child extremely wise and their fathers extremely wealthy, and the serpent is determined not to allow The Two to make their long-awaited union as a Family. However, the sharing of knowledge such as this with My People here in North America is looked at as though it is "unworthy" of their attention, while at the same time struggling and showing all the resistance that they can muster up against the serpent, only to find that he has changed or brought in more "laws" the further restrict them.

For those of you that are reading this, ALL -- and I do mean ALL -- leaders, and would-be readers, preachers, pastors and rabbis are all a tool being used as a distraction to keep you away from Your Salvation, or The Slayer of said serpent. And when the time arrives for the serpent to be slain, and you, My People, have not changed your "chokehold(ed)" thinking, you WILL BE next in line for the same type of extermination.

So, since I do not beg, I will not say: 'Please, Please, take this seriously' . . . however, I Will Say it Will Please Me Much if you will conform to the Righteousness of said Message.

ROYALL, Allah In Person
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