Things of the Past
By Royall, Allah in Person
July 10, 2002
Looking back or reminiscing over the Glorious Events brought on by Allah Himself by those who He permitted to be God in His Place.

During the process of Creation and the practice of making things to complement His Creation it was found out by Allah that for nearly everything made there was another force opposite of His that "the made" was susceptible to. Until this was discovered by Allah, He and His People were experiencing Glory, Gladness and Happiness--which literally can be referred to as the Good-Good-Good, Old-Old-Old Days.

The opposition that was experienced started the process of ending such days. Because of the importance of the matter to Allah, He Has spent trillions of years seeking to bring a solution to said process so as to experience the Glory Days once again, and to this very day the process continues until we can find no day that is glorious! Even watching those who came under the Teachings of the Message and The Messenger, in their initial acceptance of the Lessons, GLORY was felt, yet now their GLORY has all-but vanished. Most have aged to the point of being almost unable to ward-off death. Their lessons referred to them as poison and rusty, and the best of them as rusty.

This is all due to the process of being susceptible to the negative force. Even The Leader that was designated by The Messenger to sit in his seat AS leader has fallen victim to this negative force which can be seen through his thinking and his actions. It appears that the more skilled one is in utilizing or using the English language the more fine-tuned and skilled they are in the practice of deception and thereby "teaching", "guiding" and "leading" the young or unsuspecting persons into the perpetual circle of magnifying the negative of the force.

Being that the subject is about "The Glory of the Good Old-Old-Old Days", it means that we have not seen any Good Days in a very, very, very long time, so the young have no knowledge of what "a Good Day" is, nor does the leader of the people that want to be led. They are most certainly a redundant people, having only a wish "that things would be better", however they are unable and unwilling to do the positive practice that will enable them to bring again The Glory Days!

There is no leader on the scene, or that can be seen that is speaking of a New Day and is in motion in a manner that has the Power to bring it about. They rehearse the same old script as though it has never been heard before, and as though they have power IF one would submit to it. However, when they develop enough courage to look into the Horizon, the Day becomes so unbearable that all of their command of the English language will not enable them to describe what they see. It has gone beyond pitiful. This is a problem from Day One that ONLY Allah, The Supreme Being, Is Capable of Bringing a Solution to. However, with all of the Message taught by Elijah, and all of their "smarts", THEY are unable to bear witness to that fact in a real way.

When the rebelliousness of the people has reached its zenith and they then are allowed to see that there must be a separation much like the wheat from the tare and the knowledgeable Farmer will not even feed the tare to the swine for fear of it going through his digestive system coming out whole and being planted again, so in the Farmer's Infinite Wisdom he burns the tare--rendering it destroyed.

You who are reading this, take note, and pass it on. The Fire is already described in both books, Bible and Quran, and it is most adequate to be the solution to said problem.

I Shall Bring about the Day which was written about by the prophets that will be so submissive and cooperative that it will not rain on Me during the Day while at work. Everything that is Created and made will show their appreciation in a most acceptable way. The Earth itself will give up its bounty in an attempt to show it's appreciation. It will be much like the buzzard that is unable to kill anything, however he is so appreciative of the dead meal that he used to turn to the East and flap his wings. That principle will be experienced by Me and those who are with Me in the VERY near future. And for those of you that think this is "crazy", and that you have something better to look forward to, remember, that it is also written about the kindling FOR The Fire.

These are not the words of "an insane man", a jokester, or a trickster. It IS something to be studied intently and urgently. I Have Placed the world in a mode of rapid change. You have only to look and see. The waiting is over.

Allah in Person
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