From The Pool of Filth
By Royall, Allah In Person
July 31, 2002
Our people have been so indoctrinated through all of the facets of life that we have been toiling under and in from the idea of another man, that God is a spook and that He is not material, or physical. A perfect way to have the people to curse God when He Comes because of their upbringing -- or shall I say, because of their stagnation. Everyone is under the impression that when God does a thing it is done "instantly" and this is one of the things that caused The Messenger to be styled as "a sacrifice" for the duration of his term. Because of what he was saying about The God being a live, living man.

I, Being Allah, Am constantly confronted with the abyss of ignorance, mainly from the dumb followers of The Messenger who insist and persist to remain stagnant. When all evidence is placed before them which shows that they are in accord with the behavior of the prior people of scripture who were always asking "if you are God, make it rain ..."; "if you are God, snap your finger and bring an earthquake"; "if you are God, why doesn't President Bush know it?"; "if you are God, why haven't you taken the Nation from Minister Louis?" -- and the dumb statements "warning" Me that I had "better be" right and correct in giving an explanation to the Lessons, as though they have the knowledge to judge. The best thing that they can do with the Lessons is tell you what number they are. So this is what I am working with -- ignorance, with no boundary -- which perpetuates the stagnation and slave mentality of our modern day slave master.

I Am Allah, and the people that I am working with and bringing into their own nature are the very same people who are grossly ignorant. During the process of making the transition -- for them -- there is a certain degree of fallacy that will be shown from them, which the ignorant then take and run with as though that is "the standard" of what they can look for to be produced from Me. At the same time, they are 95% wrong in what they think, see AND do, and the God that they worship and think that they know has not brought them a loaf of bread, "he" has not given them one iota of understanding of the Time and what Must Be Done, has not given them a system to bring into the reality -- of the physical -- the accepted thinking of God Himself.

So, I Know that I Know that the few Members of the Blackman here in North America that make it with Me are actually the Cream of the planet. I pay no attention to the ranting and raving of the would-be "leaders", who are leading in the same circle of stagnation as every other leader has.

This is being said for thought. There is nothing that you can bring to prove that I am not The Supreme Being. Some people, in their ignorance, may be overlooked. Others will have to pay for their distraction to the onlooker. Everyone who has something to say about Me whether it be right or wrong is producing a big, fat ZERO in the necessities of Life. I Am Producing opportunities for the growth of Man to his Original status. I Have stated over and over again that the Time is up. No more, and no longer can you be waited for. Progress must continue. Remember, The Messenger was here, and you saw him as so divine that you thought that he was going to live forever. However that was not the case. His tour of duty was up, and presto-wham-o, he was gone. The same principle is applied now. This phase of the plan will not allow you to ever be close to Me if you have not already started the process.

The question that is asked on the Farrakhan factor, whether Louis is going to give over everything to Me? The answer is absolutely, positively YES. It was never his to own, and he has no power to hold it back. This is My plan. So whether you who are following him like it or not, read the Lessons. You have not the power to stop this, however you do have the right to take advantage of the opportunity to see why. So if you do not, you cannot hold Me responsible.

Check your own record of ignorance, and then go and bite your own fingers in intense grief, wishing that you had listened. This recent event of the Cleaning of My House has caused the enemy of Me to feel as though he is being victorious, not knowing that it is just a feeling, and feelings CAN CHANGE. However, the record has been made.

It is up to I to Decide whether I Shall Retaliate, or leave you alone in your stupor. Either way, it is not good for you. This is why there is such a thing as repentance, and if performed with the right spirit and understanding that MAY bring relief -- if I Decide to Recognize it. So it would be an act of wisdom if one seizes the opportunity to place himself in the favor of Allah, Which is Me, Living and Watching you, while Being In your midst.

Allah in Person

Just because I am working with those from the pool of filth, does not mean that they have to stay there.
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