Now What?
By Royall, Allah in Person
We can easily see from the recent activity by Satan and his imps against the progress that is being made by the Blackman here in North America that the statement "my people lose their lives for the lack of knowledge" is absolutely true. It is a proven fact that just because one may be Black, he is not one of Allah's People, rather a willing participant of the age-old opponent of Allah Himself, named Satan.

Since everything has to serve Allah -- at this time, ROYALL -- this means that not even Satan will get away without serving in the capacity where he is most effective and Satan is always found in the realm of testing the ones who claim to be in accord or with Allah Himself. Satan's natural actions against Allah always save Allah from pointing out different individuals and determining that they are imposters of phonies -- or, in short, not with Allah. However, during the time of teaching or preparation progress is very easily recognized, and people benefit from it, even the enemy until the appointed Time for The Test of those who participated or produced the opportunities for progress. Being that I Am Only here to get the Best of Creation, there must be a separation of the worst from the best for the mere fact that what I Am Sharing and Promising cannot be produced by anyone else, so it should only be handled or performed by the Best that Creation has produced. And this is why it is written that God makes Gods, not messenger's, apostles, preachers, ministers, or followers -- they usually make nothing except trouble, which is clearly seen at this date.

The question is now: what is to take place? The detractors have nothing to offer anyone other than an excuse to fail the test. We still have to have Food, Clothing and Shelter and a purpose for expanding in our thoughts, mentally and spiritually. However when one is caught up in the process of stopping positive motion they cannot see anything that will lead them forward, so they are totally blinded by Satan until they have failed in their mission and then come face-to-face with the reality of the effects of the lie that Satan used to blind them with.

In the face of the disappearing Nation of Islam and in the absence of any other organized motion for the freedom of our people one could be so blinded as to try to bring to a halt to the only workable motion which answers the need of a whole people by trying to bring it to nothing, however that is the intention of Satan and his willing workers. To the wise man, and Myself -- Allah -- that is the modern-day "Joke" of the Time! Failure is not written in the Plan of the Salvation of the once-dead God. Death is becoming a fleeting reality in the presence of this New God -- ROYALL, Allah in Person so there is no stopping the birth of the Bright and Beautiful Day, regardless to how one tries. They would have better success attempting to put out the light of the Sun than stopping this rising Reality which is awakening the Cream of the Crop of the Blackman back to life as a live, Living God--once and for all.

Meanwhile, while developing the proper thinking we are producing the food that we are eating, the clothes that we are wearing, the homes that we dwell in, the transportation that is used for transporting us. Everything that we need to support us, we are producing. So, I Am like a Teacher at the end of the semester that has tested his students and has found that the majority of them proved to be The Best and now we all can be happy at our work, because all are of like thinking, using the formula of the original Creation, the language of symbols, which is Mathematics -- or Mathematical Thinking.

The ones who are failing miserably have already been told and shown by Me, Royall -- Allah in Person -- the reality of this day. So it is no surprise to Me as it is to many others, because with proper vision and accurate use of mathematical thinking it allows you to see what is to Be before it Is. This is what I Am Teaching.

So today, we will experience one of two things -- the joy that Mathematical Thinking brings you, or the misery that the opposing anti-Math takes you into. There is hardly anything that you can point to today that is thriving or representing Life that has been produced by this world. For someone to make a statement that this world, as we know it, is "paradise" it would have to be Satan himself making such statement.

So from this Center Page forward it is highly possible that this type of subject will be no longer necessary because of the visible, positive growth that one will see and or participate in. Whether one knows it or not, this is The New Day that will perpetually perpetuate itself. I am already being given thanks for a job well-done from the Original Allah, and the beginning of the Angels who serve Him arranging and singing a New Song to Me -- ROYALL, Allah in Person. And I must say that it is a sound that only the ears of the righteous will partake in -- and it is a sound worth disciplining yourself to be able to witness.

Remember this, after all of the filth, then what?


Allah in Person

P.S. For those of you that are "genuinely concerned" you would be better served in trying to attack the Idea instead of the Person. Try it, the reward is worth it!

A Complimentary to The Center Page
By Royall, Allah in Person

Blackman, you must remember that I never claimed to be a magician. Everything that has been accomplished, even by the open enemy, just in the fact of telling a lie it had to be told by a person. So, all of the food that you eat, a man produced it -- why not you? All of the things that you take from nature and by nature for granted is being produced by man -- why not you? Even the knowledge that is bringing you up out of your stupor of ignorance is being produced and delivered by a man, and received by you. So you cannot sit or lay down any longer. The man who has been producing all that you are accustomed to is being denied that liberty in this day and time. Remember, it has been allowed to be written of My Behavior--that the destruction is brought on in a way that the enemy perceived not.

So take a look around, and see how vulnerable you are. You are answering to everyone but you, or Me -- The Supreme Being. And every answer that you answer to is against you, whether it be yes, or no, UNLESS it is with Me. So do yourself a favor and cast stupidity out of the window, or rather out of your life and take up the mantle of intelligence and make it serve you, where you answer to no one except the formulas of Creation.

Allah in Person
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