New to You, Old to Me
By ROYALL, Allah In Person
A very timely reminder to those of us who love The Messenger and The Message.

I Am Bringing back to mind The Instructions to the Laborers, a part of Number 2:

"THE past History shows that the First Examination of Laborers is made by the Apostle, whom the Laborers are to work with.

"According to the Holy Quran 59:7, the Muslims were very poor when they first started to Teach ISLAM and all contribution was given to ALLAH's Apostle for him and his Family's Support. And what the Apostle could spare, he gave to help take care of the Poor Muslims that were unable to help themselves and the other part was given to those who were confined to the Labor of ISLAM.

"And soon, there arose an argument among the Hypocrites about the use of the money because they thought that they should share equally with the Apostle. Then ALLAH cast these Hypocrites out and punished them for the false accusation that they had spread against the Prophet, that he was seeking to enrich himself and acting unjustly to the poor and needy.

"And, then ALLAH, told the other Laborers that HE would soon enrich all of them but, at present, every effort should be to maintain the Prophet and his household.

"The enemy, then, tried to stop every Muslim from helping the Apostle and said he should be killed. Then ALLAH challenged the enemy to do so - to leave not a stone unturned in trying.

"This is in the 34 Problems that you have, if you understand.

"So this is what is meant by ALLAH taking, under Analysis, the Consideration of the Laborers in the near future. The student could practice his or her Labor while under study if they were sincere, and Submit themselves to Obey and Follow the Apostle. And it is written that all who Rebelled against the Apostle, ALLAH made it impossible for them to live in Peace until they would Submit."

This type of behavior has repeated itself in every major change that has been brought about by The Supreme Being. Finally, the Time has arrived that a period will be placed to this in a way that it will never repeat itself again.

It stands to reason the individual to represent Allah to the people that they are sent to or raised for must be freed from the traps of the world in order for the person to be successful, or anyone who has agreed to give themselves fully towards such mission especially in the form of Officers, so as to be efficient in what they do. The opportunity for the receiver of the Message (people), or the blessing to give TO ENSURE that said objective for such leaders or helpers is successful is a form of gratitude shown by the receiver.

Now today We see the same old thing repeating itself for the express purpose of putting an end to it. It is one thing to deal with the Message or Messenger and/or helpers; however, it is a totally different thing when you deal with The Period of it all -- meaning The Author of Creation Who is Utilizing the Power to bring all things to its conclusion. So for those of you, today, that are contemplating any type of relief or salvation, do as The Lessons indicate what first must be done -- which is SUBMIT to the Perfect, Present Tense which is being brought by Me, ROYALL -- Allah in Person. All of those that get it wrong intentionally by trying to show their power or their inordinate "dislike" of the rhythm of right shall receive a PERMANENT period and they shall never be able to be counted in The Righteous Kingdom. We must remember this is THE FINAL -- THE END. As Bible reads in Revelation, ALL of that negative behavior will pass away and never be experienced again.

Those of you who are reading this, exercise your Power to resist Satan with all your might and when you call on Allah -- Me -- in the Unseen, you will receive the necessary help. The ones who have repeatedly tried to kill the Messengers and Helpers of God have now met their match. They have never been successful, and they have never lost the way that they are losing now, because this is PERMANENT.

What is being presented here is no secret. It is written in scripture -- Bible and Quran -- those who prove to be the righteous shall live happy, unhindered by any obstacles contrary to the tenets of happiness. They will be in gardens of bliss! Nature will adorn them, and they will live in Cities like those described in Revelations, and be dressed with the appearance of a bride adorned for her husband. However, the ones who are opposed to Me regardless to who they are, once I Have Placed the Seal on their fate there is NOTHING that can be done because there is no ear that has the power to hear and offer them any relief. It is also written concerning them, that they have a painful chastisement on this side -- meaning, until I Bring in and complete the Hereafter you shall be in constant pain, and a grievous chastisement on the other side -- which means that after I Have Brought in The New, a grief will be produced from a New Idea and it will last until you are absolutely erased -- destroyed -- from Creation itself. This is why it is stated often, "accept this, or leave it alone."

For most of you, the choice is still yours -- for others that have made their minds up by their actions, that they are against Me and the Bringing In of the Righteous Kingdom, you have sealed your fate. And remember, a Muslim CAN experience pain and still be a Muslim. However, there is no Muslim that experiences grief, if he is a real Muslim. I Am One Who Acts In and On every aspect of Life, and I shall not pass up the Opportunity to act on this.

More to come, if need be. I Will Watch and See.

ROYALL -- Allah in Person
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