Dreams and Visions
By ROYALL, Allah In Person
September 4, 2002
Due to the confusion and The Time that we live in, there must be a beacon of Light that will show or bring clarity to the ever-increasing tenets of confusion to produce a door and show the Power of Allah, The Supreme Being. It has been written what I Would Be Doing at this Time, what has been done in the past only with more intensity for This Time.

Because of the lack of morals in this present generation they have no real path or experience to adequately weigh or discern "what is, or is not" according to the Laws of God. This is why it takes Me-Allah Himself-to Produce any salvation from such unlearned people. They have been and are thoroughly indoctrinated with the ways of Satan, the age-old enemy of Time, and know nothing to very-little of The Author of Life itself, therefore making if very difficult for Me, The Supreme Being, to save them. What I Have Prepared and have freely shared with them equates to a foreign language, meaning they are unable to comprehend it. However, I, Being The Author of Life, included in the diagram of said Life a system called NATURE. One may refer to it as the subconscious mind, meaning a situation or reality that you are unable to consciously prepare a defense for. Had I not put that in the diagram of Nature all men or intelligent life as we know it, would succumb to Satan in such a way that they would be unable to be saved.

You must remember that no one is better in producing a situation of assurance than I - Allah in Person. This is the same principle as producing two twin atoms, and leaving one dormant until needed, which would have not been tampered with or influenced by the rigors of Life or "the author of confusion." This process justifies the sharing of dreams and visions. When you have a dream, the dreamer consciously participates in said dream. When you are given a vision, it is for the subconscious mind to document for a future calculation and it is dictated to the conscious mind, which leaves no room for conscious consideration. This is why you find it written in advance that "the old men will have dreams", because they are supposed to have lived and experienced enough Life to consciously put useful meaning to the dream. On the other hand, the young or youth, which have no base for anything that is real, it is written that "young men have visions" because they must be confronted in a manner where there can be no bargain or altering the purpose of such communication.

Today, there is a great, great, great NEED for creative and constructive practice that will represent Me-The Creator and Sustainer of Life-so that Life as I Intend it, will be perpetuated. I Have for the last few years been Giving a few visions, and many dreams in preparation for this Day. For the past 16 years I Have Produced enough people to increase the sharing and giving of visions and dreams because of the current need. Even the writing of the posts in cyberspace which are Shared from Me are written in such a way to speak to the subconscious mind, instead of the hateful, rebellious conscious mind that is against the working of The Supreme Being-Me-Allah in Person. Some may refer to this as a different language, or a communication that "means nothing," and that may very well be true to the CONSCIOUS mind UNTIL the Day that the subconscious mind overpowers the confused, warped, dizzy, conscious mind, which often brings about shame and disgrace because of the reality of the Self-accusing spirit.

I Am an Individual who must not be refused in that which I Deem worthy for your use. So, if you are young and are having visions now you KNOW where to place them. And if you have accumulated age numbering over 50 years or more and are receiving pressing dreams they will be most rewarded in The United Nation of Islam, which will eventually be coupled with the vision of the young men. Another way of saying it: dreams are equated to the allegorical of the Quran, visions are the decisiveness that is placed in the Quran and is non-debatable.

This is The Time. And remember, I am not "so foolish" as to seek your permission or approval simply because by the time that happens I Have already set up the situation. There is much to learn from these few words if one cares to explore. Much, much more to come! My cup is already running over and there is no end in sight to the end or perpetuation of this creative process.

Read over this more than once.

ROYALL, Allah In Person
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