Truth Out of Season -- Is Like No Truth at All
By Royall, Allah In Person
September 10, 2002
Truth out of season is a reality that most Muslims who came under The Messenger’s Teachings express daily while at the same time constantly calling for Unity for the express purpose of making progress towards the Blackman’s Independence in North America to experience Freedom and to have the undeniable evidence that Allah is With them.

In their study – or the lack of it – it was placed in The Lessons concerning past, present and future tense which is a real reality, and is proven by Math that Truth and Time are twin realities of the ingredients of progress at any level. To be stuck in the past accomplishments of the Power expressed in one man through his accomplishments is proof of the effectiveness of Truth in Time. That which was given to Elijah from Allah Himself is Truth for the time in which it was given. To continue to express the same Truth at this different time is like “no truth at all.” This can easily be seen Mathematically and physically by the non-productiveness of that same Truth at this Time.

We must remember what was given to us by The Messenger of Allah was only a Message, and nothing more. The practical application of the Message is just now being given or expressed because it is NOW Time, which will make the Truth of the application VALID. The Message, in its original form, has not the power to attract the Original believers of said Message. The ones that are born after the passing of The Messenger and the time of the Messenger have very little knowledge of The Message and no attraction to the way that it is being presented from the few that choose to remember it because of the lack of power, and being out of season. There must be an expression of the principles of Islam, taught in The Message that is in accord with THIS TIME and What Must Be Done – if not recognized or practiced in this timely manner We can rest assured that Unity for the Blackman will always be a fleeting reality. Just as in the simple saying: “when I was a child, I did childish things; when I became a man I put them away”, that one statement totally sums it up.

And, one other thing that must be known – it has been brought to My Attention about some of the followers of The Messenger and even those who are not, that they have been or are being contacted by The Messenger and The Messenger is giving them instructions. This may be a bitter pill to swallow, however Truth only hurts the guilty. There are other life forms that are seeking control, or at least in determining which way and to whom this planet will go to. No personal relationship between The Messenger and any individual, today, is valid if it is not in harmony consciously of Me – Royall, Allah in Person. Any other way it can only foster confusion and perpetuate separation. What I Am Doing is bringing in a system and a wealth of knowledge and opportunity for us to be One People, not something “just for Me”. I will say as The Messenger said: ‘if I cannot take the ones of My People that have accepted WITH Me, then I do not want to go to Heaven.’ So, to receive “private” Messages and to operate on some specific thing that you say The Messenger told you at the dinner table is ludicrous. What we know that he did say and had printed was that “after me comes God Himself”, and if it pleases God, he would be with Him.” Not if it pleases The Messenger, God would be with The Messenger!

I, Being Allah, Am Sharing without a doubt that We do not work against ourselves, especially in that manner. There is no Brother living, a believer, or lost-found that is less than Jesus, Muhammad or Elijah BECAUSE they are still living. And, at this late date, in order for you to converse with or see Elijah, you must see him with Allah – not “see him”, and Elijah tells you about Allah. Just as he wrote his son and made the statement that: ‘Allah and him would be going to cities, and spending just a little time in each one – just the two of them’ there is a way to tell if your communicator is genuine or not: ask them about ROYALL – Allah in Person, and see if they answer you, or what they will say! This has been done repeatedly from those who have told me several things concerning what The Messenger, who had come to them at night in a dream, or spoke to them in his own voice and gave them instructions – until they asked about Me, Royall, Allah in Person. If you continue this, you shall be the loser. Remember, I – Allah, am a Jealous God. Being here in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, after dealing with Elijah Muhammad you never saw Me -- so as not to bring about confusion. Now I Am Here and you shall only see Elijah through my permission, and in a way that brings about no confusion. You cannot get away today without factual thinking, called mathematical thinking, and anything less than that is a waste of time.

You must remember Blackman -- especially the ones that come under the Messenger -- that We are in the ultimate battle and this means the battle between Allah and Satan, not between the Blackman and the Whiteman. Elijah took care of that, and YOU have now stepped into another time zone. Using what The Messenger taught beyond its principles will cause YOU to fail. Satan is taking every opportunity to ensure his success if it is no more than to take you to hell with him -- his final destination. Accept it, or leave it alone.

Not one or all of you together are saying and/or doing what you see physically before your eyes that I – Royall, Allah in Person – Am Doing. This must be said if only just for Me to have a clear conscious when I Am Justified to stepping to the next level and I don’t see YOU there. Think Blackman, Think.

Royall, Allah in Person.

A Complementary -- By Royall, Allah in Person

One major thing to remember: it is written in the lessons that the only unforgivable thing is to believe in the Messenger and not Allah, or to believe in Allah and not believe in The Messenger. If you will correctly remember: it does not read to believe in the messenger and not in Master Fard Muhammad. There were no names placed there, and because of what Elijah did it bears witness that he is The Messenger, especially with no more than a 3rd-grace education. However, today, to accept Elijah and not Me – Allah in Person – that practice will not allow you to be forgiven. It is like a door with the only access to it is through the use of two keys. Since all life is to be produced from two, you will not be able to accept one, reject the other AND LIVE. Remember, like or dislike has nothing to do with it. To Reject Me – Allah in Person – is an unforgivable sin just for the mere fact that if you do not want Me, then I do not want you and I Am The Saviour and not you.
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