By Royall, Allah in Person
September 25, 2002
Change is one of the most unwanted activities in an individuals life merely because of the repetitious way that they have been trained by this world. Many are confused using the word "different" for "change", which allows one to remain the same, while thinking he has changed. Many times of doing a thing over and over the rhythm of what you are doing may show you a better way of doing the same old thing, which does not constitute change. However at this time in our present history it is crucial or a matter of life or death that the Blackman in North America CHANGE, lest you make God a liar, or you lose your life which is not written for at least a few Black men.

The experience of slavery and the conditions that must be maintained to perpetuate slavery will not allow change because the slave is not required or expected to think for his own well-being or advancement. However, today, because of My Presence and what must be done, thinking is not only required IT IS A MUST by both major parties involved, Black and White. Because of the Blackman never being taught he finds it very difficult to break out of his training by his slavemaster into thinking, which will enable him to change and bring about change.

For The Messenger's followers and those that love The Message this may be viewed or confirmed in the opening prayer in our Lessons, where it states: "surely, I have turned myself to Thee" and the key word is TURNED, especially if there is to be any relationship between you and He Who Originated the Heavens and Earth -- Allah. And, this we see, from experience of at least 70 years or more. How difficult for change to take place, especially from those who are unwilling to take or accept the challenge after being taught by The Messenger, the first thing that must take place in the process of change is the changing of the thinking today. This is so crucial that it is no longer debatable, this is the MUST that Must Be Done, And since everything must return to its origin -- willingly if possible -- and if not We have placed in Creation a power that will bring everything back to its essence. It is described as FIRE. For those of you that have been or are currently studying scripture or prophecy or -- shall I say, a Promise from Me, Royall, Allah in Person -- that fire is the final and total destroyer of all things that rebel against the Will of Allah.

Check it out. Accept it or leave it alone.

Allah in Person
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