The Blackwoman
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
The Blackwoman -- outside of us the Blackman owning her by Nature -- who's woman is she?

From the past and current history of the behavior of our woman she has not shown that she is our helpmate. So as to maintain clarity in our thinking concerning such a delicate process or subject, this is not referring to the help that is given to the Blackman by her that is perpetuating the system of the world, or fighting against it. That is not real help. The best that it can be described as is an unwinable struggle. What determines Real help and Natural Love for her man, Blackman, is that she willingly asserts herself in the process of developing her man to be the God of His Nature. However, when this is done there is a strong rebellion from the Blackwoman almost bordering on satanic vengeance, and the behavior of the lazy Blackman almost justifies her action.

One may ask "how did she get to be this way?"
The Answer: In this particular country, North America, the open enemy -- the Whiteman -- was given the permission or freedom to make the American Whitewoman the way he wanted her, and the Black slave woman the way he wanted her. This all-but-unsolvable problem took place in the State of Louisiana for the Whitewoman and the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the Blackwoman (slave).

In order for our open enemy to rule the world he was placed on an island called North America to produce that which would submit to him entirely, and now it is so ingrained in our Blackwoman that she is confused about who she belongs to. To show the fear of White people and the thoughtlessness or non-fear of the Blackman they will offer you up regardless as to who you are -- even to Allah Himself -- to the judgment and ridicule of their man, the Whiteman.

It is a distasteful reality of prophecy which describes a large percentage of our Sisters -- the Blackwoman -- filling up hell because of their betrayal. They have been so elevated out of their position by the Whiteman and Black "leaders" that the average Blackman fears them because of the backing of this wicked world. Many of you who read this post may immediately perceive this as "hate of women", or "woman-bashing", which could be no further from the Truth. It is a matter of record that the Messenger Elijah Muhammad's wife Clara was not with him. The King, as we know him today, his wife is not with him -- and even the mother of my oldest children was never with Me. And now the woman that was known as "Mother", my daughter, is not with Me. The list goes on and on. However it shall stop here.

Only a God that is Independent can Do What Must Be Done with or without her. The choice is hers, which the majority will not take advantage of. Blackman, do not take offense to this post. Instead take advantage of the opportunity and gird up your loins to make the highly-improbable possible. And, remember, you cannot find where you are instructed by Nature or scripture to wait for your woman.

Remember, The Message was to The Blackman, so let's be just that -- a Blackman that takes control of his affairs.

Royall, Allah in Person
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