By Royall, Allah in Person
October 2, 2002
Work is a word that describes the physical aspect of the word "word". The majority of the Blackmen are caught up in the word arguing back and forth about the Truth and the origin of the word, and they never develop beyond the word. Many times we are referred to the Minister and his "work". Since we are unfamiliar with the association between the word and WORK, many of us perceive what the Minister is doing as work when in fact he is sharing many words about Allah and His Messenger, and confronting our open enemy about their work in the system they have set up against Nature -- which is in fact far from work.

According to prophecy The One that is to do The Work that expresses The Word is Solomon -- Allah. It may be good to read 1Kings chapter 7 in the Bible (King James version). I, ROYALL -- The Fullness of Solomon -- Am Placing the physical expression to The Word which is called WORK because of the purity and the natural necessity of what I Am Doing.

Most Blackmen run from What Must Be Done in the way of making a heaven for themselves – such as building homes, schools, factories, farming, transportation, communications, inventions, clothing, and all of the tenets that must be done to produce Heaven for Himself. If all of this could be done from the Word we would have an elaborate Heaven. Sorry to say this is not the case. Because the Blackman has to exert some physical energy, he totally objects to this necessary process and has earned the names "lazy", "deadbeat", "good-for-nothing", less insulting ways of saying “nigger” which means nothing.

Just because I, Royall, am doing and am working day and night to bring the Blackman's Will back to its proper place by the process of work I am receiving from the Blackman attention in the most hated way because of said work. I strongly suggest that the above Bible chapter be read in its entirety so that one may see I Am not alone. What I am doing is prophesied and expected by The Powers of the Universe which I Have No Will to disobey to please or appease the ignorance of our people in the world.

For those who come against this are coming against a prophecy that has been set by the die of Time. So think over these few words and if you must, pray to conform to that which must be done.

Royall, Allah in Person
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