Here and Now
By Royall, Allah in Person
October 3, 2002
The Blackman here in North America has been for the most part been made aware of him being a live God at a distant time in the past. During his research to verify such findings, he found that we had the knowledge and power to bring from us another man. And, at that time the decision was made by us to give up our power so this made-man could rule for a set period of time. However, he needed a ‘here and now” teaching, an expression of power, which came to him by a Brother named Musa. And as time progressed, in order for him to do the same to keep up with the time, he needed another “here and now”, which came to him in the form of major and minor prophets, and the last “here and now” that was raised in his midst from one of their own kind was Prophet Muhammad. After that, in order for him to be elevated to the status of God – meaning, making his nature law – he received a place, set off from himself and kind, which is known today as North America.

Here, he received the “here and now” in the spiritual sense that gave him full knowledge and authority to make him God over the Earth. He has now lived out his designated time to be the ruler over the once-God (Blackman) and Earth. However, the process does not change. The Blackman needed a here and now in order for him to wake up, which came to him in a major way, in the personage of Master Fard Muhammad. And to prove its effectiveness it produced One as an example, by the name of Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of that One. However, both of these figures have passed on and we find ourselves in the need of a “here and now”. However, most of us are somewhat satisfied and content in speaking about and/or acknowledging what we used to do which does very little for our present condition.

The magnitude of our awakening returning to be God is so vast that it takes generations to accomplish such a task. Knowing this – the last two “here and now” (Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad) produced from them an Everlasting Here and Now, which is styled or identified in scripture as The Wonderful Counselor, The Prince of Peace, The Son of Man, Child of the Most High, and finally identified by the mother of this child as “A Powerful Son of Truth” which carries the birth name of ROYALL, because of His Royal Nature.

There is nothing in this world that can supercede the need of a Here and Now for the Blackman. This can easily be verified through the process of hindsight, which simply means the ability to see the past, which would accurately identify the present and justify the future. And, remember, “hindsight” does not mean “live in the past.”

Your Brother in Truth, The Here and Now

Royall - Allah in Person
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