Mother and Son
By Royall, Allah in Person
October 5, 2002
The Blackman in North America has never been seen as a man by the rest of the world. Simply because of the rhythm of Nature and what was put in the woman which is the love for her man which automatically makes her more fond of her son or sons. Due to the set of circumstances agreed upon and developed by the Original God (or Gods) to allow the Blackman to be brought over here by the slavemaker (Whiteman, or Caucasian) altered the rhythm of Nature for us here in North America.

The fear that was brought about by the inhuman treatment of us as slaves put fear into the Blackwoman of the slavemaster. In return, because of the Mother being the first nurse and first teacher that fear was passed on from the Mother to her son, and to this very day that practice still stands. This has been a damaging blow as a Blackman to overcome this. Because of the fear our mothers have of the Caucasian it automatically makes the fear respected. This poses a problem -- it makes our mothers to see the "feared Caucasian" as "the man", and her man as "a man". This is a sad set of circumstances that only God Himself can correct. There must be a showing to the Blackwoman -- or mothers as a whole from a divine way -- that the Blackman is The Man, and this is being done by Me.

The very knowledge that I operate from is the knowledge of the origin of all things which is designed to solve the problem. This great showing of divinity from Me, Allah in Person, is being shown in My Home, first, and from there it will mushroom across the country and world. It will never be said ever again that a woman is the only one that can turn her children against their father. There is so much evidence of the Truth of this by the disrespect the sons have for their fathers, the overcrowding of prisons by our sons, the perpetual boundary that prevents us from rising to the top as a people and so many other overwhelming factors that prove this to be true.

On the other hand, let's look at the Caucasian slavemaster in this country. He knows that he is the enemy of Truth and the mother of him is the one that teaches him how to be such an effective enemy, and his father provides for him the opportunity to practice his mother's teaching. However, when it comes to Me providing the opportunity for the sons of the universal mother (Elijah), it is being overlooked because of the teaching of their personal mothers.

I am more than familiar with this problem. I have six sons by the first woman I married, and her fear of the Whiteman was so ingrained that she refused to accompany Me -- her husband -- into a white-owned restaurant where there were White customers. I, having no fear, accepted Islam as taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and destiny, coupled with the scientists that The Messenger spoke about caused Me to see My True Identity and the almost-impossible task that had to be performed, gave my sons mother a "justified reason" -- in her thinking -- to teach My sons about the "insanity of their Father", and until this very day they all live together with their mother against their Father.

When I asked one of the Scientists "What makes it so easy for my sons to stay away from their Father", the reply was, and I quote: "their mother would not teach them of you." However as we were taught to say, All Praises are Due to Allah, I Have a New family and new sons, and their mothers are diligent in teaching them of their Father -- making the statement that the Messenger stated true: that in his absence some of us would be tried severely, even with our very families, and 'if you were to lose your family Allah would give you another, better than the first.'

So the process has started of coming back to the Natural rhythm of Nature. Blackman, in order for this to grow at a more rapid rate it is a must that you learn from Me and take advantage of the opportunity to teach your wife, so she as a mother can teach your sons.

The faulty relationship between mother and sons can be broken very easily in the process of building a Nation.

Royall, Allah in Person
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