By Royall, Allah in Person
October 9, 2002
It is very important that what is said and done by Me – Royall, Allah in Person – be studied diligently, so as to properly equip yourself with the knowledge of what to accept and reject.

We, the Blackman, The Cream of this planet, is constantly being invited to one thing or another – even I Am Extending an invitation to accept your own for the purpose of being God again. Outside of that all other invitations are suspect for the mere fact that wrong is involved. Some invitations are so pronounced and inviting that it borders on temptation, especially when it is wrapped in good intentions.

For an example, one of the most tempting invitations is to be invited to the celebration of Master Fard Muhammad’s or Elijah Muhammad’s birthday, which has the innocent appearance of paying respect in the highest form when in fact the birthday of the LIVING is greater! Only when the priorities are prioritized will it make the celebration of birthdays of those who have passed on Right and Exact. When you are invited to participate in an activity that cannot be added to or subtracted from it can benefit you very little. The Blackman is so far behind in his ability to think that it almost brings his Teacher to His wits end, searching for the effective way to jumpstart said process of thinking in the Blackman.

Most invitations when attended, one is more apt to find himself in a vice under the guise of “invitation”, which Satan is constantly inviting you to accept his thinking. And remember, this helpful note as taught by The Messenger: “don’t be so quick to agree on Truth, just make sure you don’t agree on wrong.”

Royall, Allah in Person
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