A Compliment To The Center Page, “Evidence"
By Royall, Allah in Person
God is a Name or a term used by many which carries many different meaning for the user of said name. Due to the practice of the god of this world he has developed indecisiveness in the making of his world to the point of stripping the real meaning away from the word "God".

The meaning of the word God is "he who masters what he surveys". In this world, the closest thing that one can come to mastery is lying, and the very nature of the lie and liar always prevents mastery. On the other hand, a Righteous God is unheard of, only spoken about and believed that if there is a righteous God He can only exist in the spirit world, which presents a tremendous problem for the Righteous God in His Fullness, which is spiritually, mentally and physically -- the "three in one".

The prophets clearly spoke of this day and this condition and the difficulty of Allah (God) in making himself known for the mere fact to the point of being God in or of righteousness means everything this one is to do must be right at all times, which is highly unfamiliar with the inhabitants of this world, especially the Blackman. For example, for those that participate in open forums on the internet have no idea nor do they believe any such Righteous person exists. They are unaware of the reality and the practices of the two Gods -- the god that they are familiar with is the God of death, and death carries an odor.

When you are confronted with the stages of death, first, it is the use of bad language -- meaning nonproductive. Like the detractors of the UNOI (that is against the Righteous). Secondly, the acceptance and promoter of such negative in the use of said language which is the Farrakhanfactor and its moderator. Third, and final stage of spiritua death where the odor is so pungent, and filthy and rotten that it makes the Righteous gag is Seventhfam, and his expression of Royall -- Allah in Person.

These three levels of filth are usually accepted by the masses. However, the possesor of a pure heart and clean mind will physically become ill if they are forced to that kind of arena. Just to be a righteous God at this time means that there is nothing of this world that he can participate in without the purpose of changing it, and this usually is not in agreement with the people of this world. So they (Blackman) are very sluggish in making the move toward righteousness. Usually the best that happens that they take on is the character or definitiion of angel -- which means "right in a slow motion, which is produced from trying to grow out of the order of the day -- disappointment. the Blackman, as a whole has experienced an inordinate amount of disappointment to the point of losing all trust in one of his own, whether he be righteous or other than righteous, which in effect leaves him in a perpetual grave.

Dead to the knowledge and practice of life and there are those that are mentioned above that do all that is within their power of negative to nail the coffin shut. What a sad day.

I Royall, Allah in Person, am the God of Life which carries the breath of life, freely given to those who seek its bounty. The scent of freshness is what I carry. The freshness of the Day, the fragrance of the rose. The freshness or the scent of rain and the spirit produced by the rising son awakening everything and everybody that is looking forward to the opportunity of what the New Day brings. Even if I were not new, as pertaining to the known ability of the Original Allah, I would still be considered new for the knowledge of this time. However, I far supercede any God including the Original Allah the preceded Me to the point of the existing God (scientists) could find no end to the wisdom and creative ability of Me Royall -- The New Allah -- and this Truth is not debatable. It is as has been instructed to you to accept it or leave it alone, for the mere fact you have not the power to change it. You must remember all things are to be made New by Allah -- which is Me -- and that includes you and all that will live.

If you refuse it, it means nothing to Me -- only your death and destruction. By Me, ROYALL, being New, the Scientists that Elijah spoke about informed Me that they only wanted a few minds, so my mission or duty starts off with the knowledge of KNOWING only a few are necessary. So numbers do not impress me. The burden lies on YOU, if you shall be part of the few.

Accept it or leave it alone.

Royall, Allah in Person
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