By Royall, Allah in Person
October 10, 2002
The most unanswered question in the Blackman's mind (Muslim) in North America at this time is: "Is Royall Allah?" Of course, the answer is yes. I knew before I began to do anything in the way of making this known -- the world has not known Allah, nor How He Does Things for so long that the past and present generations have lost the ability to discern. Knowing this, I Had To Employ a process that would gradually bring them back into The Know, and now I Have grown enough to attract the attention of Satan himself, and he is presently waging all-out war, against Me - the Head of Righteousness.

This poses a problem for the masses and the would-be righteous because the world is very familiar with Satan. Because of their daily practice of his ways. So it makes it very easy for one to accept the spin that Satan puts to what I am doing. Almost to the point of killing the will to do the necessary investigation of what is being done by Me – Allah in Person. Leaving the arduous task of doing EVERYTHING, even to pointing this out of how to tell if I am indeed Allah or not.

One of the first things that one should use in determining the answer to said question is to check the record to see if you can find the tenets of Satan in what is said and done by Me. There is nothing that I have said or Done that is not right for the Blackman and/or the solution to the problem of the world. The many tapes and writings that are accessible to the investigator will yield clear evidence that there is no negative or devlishment presented from Me, even in the face of the detractors, doubting, prodding and goring, trying to get me to acknowledge their god by the use of some of his ways. That has not happened, nor shall it happen. It is not in Me to do. Satan is so angry with Me because of Who I am, whenever he expresses himself through the detractors, he always succumbs to his own madness. He uses the language that is befitting only to him to describe that which he hates. He is so comfortable in believing that you will accept his version because of your daily use of his ways.

Because of this, one has to do some real soul-searching of themselves to be successful in identifying The truth. And one of the oldest tricks in the book used by Satan is for him to try and get Me – Allah – in a perpetual argument with him under the guise of making “this clear”. However, because I Am Allah and Know all of his tricks, I will not be sucked into chasing him as so many think that I should be doing. Just that one practice alone, chasing Satan, has the world in a perpetual deadlock, unable to achieve meaningful FREEDOM, to the point now the whole world is on the brink of war.

I have become so popular that Satan has decided to personally take Me on. And that “personally” makes Me happy, because I Am The Allah that Is Bringing an end to his existence, which is providing a perfect scenario for Me to show My Love to the Original Allah by accomplishing that which he was unable to do – to rid himself of Satan.

Royall, Allah in Person
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