By Royall, Allah in Person
It has been said that 'if one could find the origin of water they would also find the origin or beginning of life'. Of course that is not true as stated, however the making of water is so close time wise to the creation of life, that one will be able to determine the origin of said life. To keep things in its proper perspective, the life that is spoken and written about in scripture is one of this planet, which is now called Earth, and not of the beginning of life PERIOD.

Water is a residue or reaction from the origin of life in the production of this planet -- the combination of gases produced from the many combinations of matter, blending together to produce the result of an organized plan to support or sustain life. The combination of these gases produces the major building blocks for physical life for this planet in the ingenious way of bringing life from water has proven to be a being called "Waterman" or Woman.

There is nothing more sought after than clean water, especially at this current time. The nature of water is to maintain its freshness or timelessness. In order for water to take on a distorted view or change in its purity, filth must BE ADDED and the water can only cleanse itself in its perpetual motion. Only when the filth is no longer added, water in its highest form -- woman -- is so important to man that regardless of him being righteous or unrighteous he must have water -- his woman. Today, in the struggle of the Blackman attempting to return to his Godhood first has to realize the necessity of cleaning up his water, Blackwoman. And this is where the Blackman finds his biggest difficulty, because the world and its practice is constantly baptizing the water (Blackwoman) with filth faster than her man (God) can free her of said condition. And until the Blackman, or I, BEING ALLAH, can produce a place where she can be taken and placed in an environment of cleanliness we will never be successful in producing anything of righteousness that will effect or impress the world.

In short, as mighty as the Blackwoman may appear to be, she lacks the strength or power of cleansing herself. The ability to cleanse herself rests squarely on the shoulder of her man, which can only be performed when he is BEING God. Nothing less will work. It is often stated that a nation or people can rise no higher than the woman, as though the woman is the determining factor. In fact, it should be stated a nation or people can rise no higher than what she will teach her children of what her father and husband have taught and are teaching her, which gives the base of her knowledge. So before any progress can be made this fact must be realized and accepted, instead of thinking she receives her knowledge and power from "osmosis" or "who knows where".

I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Am the Fullness of Solomon, and the many waters (wives) that were cleaned by Him. I, ROYALL, Am In the process of cleaning our water and producing men to magnify this process, so Blackman if you want to experience heaven, accept your role and the process of this.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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