The Divinity of Farrakhan
By Royall, Allah in Person
Most people think that "the Divine" is a power expressed from God, above the power of Man that has a lasting effect which, in effect, for the most part is true.

It is well-known that The Messenger, Elijah Muhammad, is a Divine man because of the level of righteousness that he brought in the world against the practice of the world, which could have only been done with a power greater than man.

During the magnification of this divinity there were those that were sent by this Supreme Power to aid this Divine man (Messenger). The first pronounced one is known as Malcolm X, who expressed divinity for about 10 years. Nearing the end of the ten years of Malcolm's service, a man by the name of Louis Eugene Walcott was being groomed to aid in the magnification of the divinity that the Messenger was expressing. Power had to be given to Brother Louis from the Author of Divinity, because at that time the knowledge and the exact description of The Messenger, and our relationship to him, had not been given or taught to anyone to the point of The Messenger RECOGNIZING that this particular servant had a unique way of expressing the divinity that he, himself, had not taught him -- which prompted the Messenger to give him the name that justifies said ability, which was the name "Farrakhan".

This divine power was, and is so in accord with itself, that whenever Louis spoke representing this Divine power he was always referred to as "Farrakhan" and not "Louis", and there is more than enough clear evidence to show the difference between the two.

Farrakhan was clear, and decisive, and spoke with authority, so much so that the Messenger of Allah ordained him to be his spokesman (mouthpiece) to this Nation and the world. This type of divinity cannot be learned -- it has to be given from The Author of such Power. If not, one of The Messenger's sons most certainly had more knowledge than Louis, however they were not genetically coded FOR divinity. In fact, upon the Messenger's passing, the Members expected Minister Farrakhan to take the post of "leader of the Nation", per The Messenger's instructions and from the divinity experience from Minister Farrakhan. However, because of The Messenger being the REASON for Farrakhan, it seemed to be useless after the passing of The Messenger for Farrakhan to continue his reign of "divine" because of the wicked officials and hypocrites that honeycombed the Messenger and filled all of the offices of power, at that time the only out was for Farrakhan to return because of the absence of divinity. Had it not been for The Messenger (Elijah) asking Allah to replace or reunite Farrakhan with Louis, Louis would have become a fading memory.

Farrakhan did return in all of his divinity, and began speaking and reminding us of the source of his divinity, which never reached a level higher than that. Farrakhan was only given the power of attraction -- and not the knowledge of how to build or run a Nation, which we now can attest to. However, to this very date, there has been no one that has been a bigger help to The Messenger in a divine way other than Minister Farrakhan, although it has been stated that Wallace, the son of the Messenger, would be his "biggest help" -- which is true in the absence of Divinity. Divinity is undeniably effective in its allotted time. The call to righteousness or to be reminded of it did expire on the level of which it was being presented from Farrakhan. It is the same as saying "Truth out of season is like no Truth at all." On the other hand Louis was promised the new book to be revealed through him IF he stuck to the Divine Messenger's teaching, and not to change it. To prove this instruction was given to Louis and not to Farrakhan, Farrakhan never broke the circle of divinity in helping the Messenger, so that condition of IF would never have been offered to him.

Now we shall take a look and see the effects of Louis under the Bible and Quran character of Aaron, Moses' helper. Aaron (Farrakhan) did a wonderful work in the presence of Moses -- until Moses' departure. Then he, Aaron (Louis) returned to his natural, unlearned self as he was before the introduction of Farrakhan. From 1989 until now, these are some of the things prophesied of his behavior. I will only place the references here because of time and space, however, I do advise that YOU do the research to complete said article, or idea.

The return of The Messenger -- 1997
Aaron (Louis') response in bringing shame to the Nation (Bible, King James, Exodus 32:25-35)

The Holy Quran, Surah 20:94-97 concerning Louis and Wallace

After The Messenger's return and his response to the behavior of Aaron (Louis), Bible, King James, Numbers 20:24-29

Finally, The New Allah and His Promise to the Original Allah: Bible, King James, First Corinthians, Chapter 15:20-26

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ROYALL, Allah in Person

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