The Fallacy of Louis
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
This is a most unwanted subject for Me to speak on due to the position that Louis holds as leader of the Nation of Islam, or the Representative of Allah at its best brings about a shame knowing that the unlearned and the wise of this world would see the sum total of "God's man" in such error.

Louis' behavior is an unwarranted fallacy because of the Message and Messenger that is represented by him. The base of the Message from The Messenger is to SHOW us the difference between the open enemy and the Blackman. All through The Message it is demanding our separation from our open enemy. In The Lessons, the question is asked: "Can you reform devil?" Answer: Absolutely not. The next question that may come to mind, is "why?" This is a man that Louis should know cannot be reformed by the way that he has been treated by said man.

Whenever Allah Produces something from His Mind, authority is automatically placed in the nature of that which He Produces. The Caucasian is a man that cannot be ruled, nor can he change. Louis, at his best, could only warn the Black and White man as a Reminder of the Message. The fallacy of Louis is his attempt to try and change the Whiteman, which has led to a gross waste of the power that was designated for the rise of the Blackman. We as a people have given him more than enough to accomplish our freedom if he had properly handled or used it, and now for Louis to try to ward off the behavior and the nature of our open enemy is his biggest flaw. There is no need for him (Louis) or us to associate ourselves with the behavior of the Caucasian. In the very make of him his end was included, whether or not even one Blackman was on the Earth -- this was automatic. And it is not as most people think -- that Allah is putting forth any effort in what He Has Already Deemed to be. When it is the end of day no one or force goes to force the Sun away -- that process is already built in. And so it is with the end of the rule of this man. He, himself, will bring himself to his end. The wise man that can see the Time and the evidence of it utilizes all that he has, and all within his power to make READY for the absence of what he is used to, meaning BEING RULED.

Had Louis utilized the time PREPARING for US our own stability and freedom the Blackman would not be in the crisis which he is in today. The First Law of Nature is SELF Preservation and The Messenger taught that we must do for self, or perish. The Blackman has become so disenchanted, and so disappointed with the ill-spent time by the so-called leaders that now the mind of the Blackman is so far off from SELF-preservation, to self-annihilation, to the point of feeling good behind the money that he is making in such a deadly endeavor.

This is why it is in the Message that Allah Himself Would Come and DO this, because of the weakness in the Blackman's thinking, and the "love" that he has for his enemy. I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Have Shared this with Minister Louis and he has rejected it so hard that all of his followers show an inordinate HATE for knowledge which would save THEM. It is one thing to make an error, or even a mistake if it only applies to you. When it entails any other then you are held responsible for said error and mistake.

There is not much time left for the Blackman to gain his balance behind such a wicked event. I, Being Allah, don't require much Time. However, I will quote the phrase: "Hurry to Allah, or even fly if you can."

Royall, Allah in Person

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