By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Treason is the anti-use of Truth against itself which carries a penalty of death to said user.

This post contains a little knowledge of wrong-doers that are catalogued through the different periods of time.

Their behavior will clearly indicate the difference that Time brings. Because of the different pronounced behavior that time allows I will start at a time in history where we all should be able to relate to, which is from the time of Abraham, the one labeled as the Father of righteousness. At that time, the best one could be was believer (man), then True believer (woman), a misbeliever, a disbeliever and a hypocrite. This was all made possible during the time and period of belief, and hypocrite is recognized as being the worst and most hated of them all, especially the spiritual hypocrite. However, it is taught never to kill a hypocrite. You are to strive hard against him for the mere fact of the opportunity to change. This set of conditions can only take place in the absence of Allah. I, Allah, Am Now Present, which certifies a Different Time, therefore closing out or placing a period on the prior activity or Time.

It is literally impossible for anyone that is with Me to become a hypocrite because the elements of belief have been removed and the surety of Truth is being established which changes the order of striving hard against the wrong-doer (hypocrite). After being brought into the know or knowledge of all things, and then turn to actively turn against it, such person can only be a traitor, a penalty worthy of death. This is an activity that is so dangerous to the traitor that his only way out can only be from the Mercy of Me -- ROYALL, Allah in Person. This is the major difference between the time of belief and the time of KNOWING, and remember ignorance of the law is no excuse. Accept this as a hint for those who love life, or want to live.

This post is a warning to those that were with Me in The United Nation of Islam and for whatever reason that came up in your mind that caused you to leave and then decide to wage war against Me and what I Am Doing: this is an activity far more dangerous than any other sin one could commit. That kind of behavior is worse than committing suicide because it is unforgivable. When one reads this post carefully, dissecting and studying each fraction, you will find a much greater knowledge being expressed other than what is expressed to the detractors. It is well known that the Bible and Quran only takes you to the door of the Hereafter because no knowledge was written as what to expect beyond the Quran and Bible, or "belief" -- which is the sum total of both books.

I, Being Allah, Am Present, which absolutely draws a line in time that cancels out the time of belief (Bible and Quran) and I Am Ushering in a clear definition of a New Time (Hereafter). And the key component that makes this definite is the formula of KNOWING and the actions produced from it. In fact this puts an end to all who came before Me and it leaves Me in My Proper Position as One by Himself -- which equates to Independence.

The process of checkmating the old world has been in place for some time, and as the old world is going out I am bringing in a government of Righteousness which is on My Shoulder. I shall not fail because of the use of knowing which has been sought after by all men, so much so that it is stated in prophecy that Man is always seeking after knowledge but never finding the Truth.

Study this post. It is a Definite Mark of Time. For those that experience difficulties from studying I Shall do a post on the subject "Study" in the very near future. Keep an eye out for it.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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