Study And It's Purpose
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
A Compliment To The "Center Page "Time"
Study is a practice that requires stillness regardless to the attribute that it is being applied to -- spiritual, mental or physical. Because of the Blackman's misconception, the affects of said study paralyzes him or brings him to an unproductive stillness. Usually when one becomes familiar with study it is at his latter years of high-school through college. It is a practice deemed necessary by this world. Because of its improper use by this world it has brought all nations to a standstill (no growth). Whenever one is serious about study he demands no noise, no activity, everything must be still except the power of thinking and that which is thought about usually has presented itself as a definite or it carries no motion because of its decided motion or set existence.

We, the Blackman in North America must be able to see the real meaning of things that we utilize daily so as to bring about the absolute change that is necessary by the use of the little things. This term that we are often referred to -- study -- being applied by the Muslims under The Messenger and Myself as Being Allah is failing to produce the right result. That which is produced from study must produce a present AND future action. This is why the prior stillness is required to gather that which is necessary for proper motion. It is a natural habit, even to the point of closing your eyes in order to block out distractions so as to achieve the stillness.

The Blackman's so-called "study" has brought him to a stillness causing him to be unable to recognize the present motion or what must be done, and how. Especially if he is studying that which is Divine concerning his condition. The proper study is for one to see the Math in what has been done so that it may properly guide or direct them in their present and future motion. Master Fard Muhammad, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Shabazz of 50,000 years ago, Musa, Jesus, and a host of other people and things that are still (meaning, "having no motion") should not have the attracting power to hold us in the past. Because of our stillness during our study, and whenever there is a study of said magnitude to free the Blackman there is always One produced from Nature that is the formula of that study. So the proper behavior for everyone else is to be in motion with that One, and apply the proper Math to said motion, which will eliminate the stillness of study. And this, the Blackman must do or be eliminated BECAUSE of his stillness.

I, Royall, Allah in Person have applied the necessary study, and have graduated into a life-giving practice that will cause the Blackman to break the circle of stillness and come into his own. And, remember, Allah is forever changing, although He changes not. Where Allah is present you will find no stillness. The only time that the Blackman can attest to stillness or stagnation is in the absence of God or your thinking. There is more than enough activity for the few men of righteousness to never be still at this time, because of their "study". The Messenger stated for us to get busy as a people in these words: "up you mighty nation, and accomplish what you will." I Royall, Allah in Person have an active system in place that is producing a righteous and glorious nation which stillness cannot produce. So Blackman make your move OUT of study to the One that is a Full and Complete Result of proper study. Waste no more time because of the absence of the definite that will take you out of study.

Royall, Allah in Person

P.S. There are a few keys underlined that will aid the process of understanding during the study of this post. Feel free to be still because I, ROYALL, Am in motion for you -- while you are studying.
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