Spirit, Soul or Entity
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
These three words are among the most talked about and disputed words that are used by the world. These three words have done more to foster and perpetuate confusion and mystery concerning the origin of Life (Allah) than any other words known to man. The present rulers of this world for the past 6,000 years have placed all emphasis on the seen (material), therefore magnifying the material things of life, or what one can physically see. This practice has placed a mental barrier, or block in the Blackman's ability to be himself, the God of it all.

I, Allah, prepared and express the proper preparation by way of a Messenger to begin breaking the sphere of knowledge (thinking) of this world. The rulers of this world have not been eager to teach its people about the unseen, simply because of their little knowledge of it, and moreover because they were not produced from it. The book given to them -- Quran -- is a guide for them (White race). And the best that they could teach was a theory about what they believe, and this is why this Quran commands them to believe in the Unseen (Surah 2:3). If the knowledge of KNOWING was shared with them, it would have hindered them in the full development of their nature, and cancelled out the need for Allah to appear at the end of belief (Time).

Our people -- Blackman -- have been so agreeable and such a faithful follower of this expression of belief that he is thoroughly convinced that even God Himself must get this education in order for him to be successful in producing a New world while bringing an end to the old world. What is needed in general for the Blackman and world to know is there must be a power or force that is always unseen that gives motion to the seen. I, Being Allah, having the will to produce intelligent motion from matter have placed in the highest form of matter (Man) a portion of my being which is properly called "entity", which is the source of the creative, civilized being (persons) motion. The education that everyone is so eager to advise you to get will not allow one to see this or understand it. For example, a few quotes from God's man (Messenger):

Fall of America 21, p/20. "We want an educational system that will guide us through tomorrow, not an educational system that is dying today."

Our Saviour Has Arrived 23, p. 124 p/2 "No education of this world, White race, will be accepted into the new world. For the New World you have a new education and government."

Our Saviour Has Arrived, p. 121 (last paragraph). "The first way to bring about something New is to change the way of thinking of the people."

Our thinking must be changed to recognize the process placed in Creation that perpetuates our essence (entity). When the body (material) dies it does not affect the Unseen force that directed it. To show life after death.

Theology of Time, p. 368. p/2: "There is no such thing as formless spirits flying around in space, unless you want to declare such to be the thoughts of the righteous minds ...".

Bible: Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul, but rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

I Am THE Him that is described in the last part of this Bible verse -- Allah Himself, and in order to fear me you must have the proper knowledge of Me (Creation) in order to produce the proper fear. Nearly all opposition from our people (Blackman) against Me have all but ran its course, producing a perfect condition for the sharing of this knowledge which is so needed and sought after.

More to come.

Royall -- Allah in Person
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