The Art of War
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
The most successful opponent engaged in the Art of War must first be an artist, capable of drawing physically or mentally the whole picture AND its conclusion, that encompasses or goes beyond the plan and capability of the enemy. Anything less than that, one will be operating on luck, which may be good, or bad.

This post is being written as a caution for those that are in the Nation of Islam. Because of the rebelliousness of your leader, Minister Louis, against Me, Royall – Allah in Person – a form of war he decided to engage in, which has now led you, his followers, into the grip of fear, which is one of the best weapons to force your enemy into. He and his followers have purposely ignored Me and because of the intensity of the fallacy of Louis increasing day by day, it has now reached a stage that he nor his followers know WHAT to do. His biggest fallacy was FORGETTING that he is not The Author nor Artist of this War.

Many things are taught about war which usually are gained from history as an attempt to make one successful at winning the seemingly present war. The mistake in this scenario – that all wars are looked upon as WAR, when in reality they are only pronounced BATTLES. The teacher of this form of civilization has made it easy for us as general victims to forget and forgive, “turn the other cheek”, or, if you must fight, do it in anger – which restricts the thinking ability.

There are many people, because of their lack of understanding of The Warrior, wondering and asking ‘if I, Royall, Am Allah, when am I going to do something?’ This is a question produced from the ignorance and disrespect of Me and My Purpose by Minister Louis. Had he (Minister Louis) been a little thoughtful and respectful in receiving what I had to Share with him, you all would have known that I have been active, specifically, on the conclusion of this problem between man and mankind, or Allah and Satan for over 70,000 years.

The Time has now advanced to a period of being CRUCIAL, where the mere remembrance of a few key things will bring you through this period of time unscathed.

1. Remember, the War is between Allah and Satan.
  1. Remember the question: “who is able to make war with the beast?”

None of you can because you have no plan, and no knowledge of what Allah Is, or Who He Is, and because of your association with Minister Louis, even when you came to grips with the certainty of his error, you are still lost on what to DO.

3. Remember, “the kingdom is being taken without hands.”
4. You must remember, this is a Divine Plan of war that has been in the making 72 trillion years, and the only way for you to live and see its conclusion is to be with Me, building your OWN stability, and leave the warring to Me.

And it makes no difference whether you agree or not. You have not the power to do otherwise. I strongly suggest the emotional anger and hate that rises up in you from the Truth of these writings that discipline is used so it will allow you to see the Perfect Math of this which is in your favor. Satan knows because of My Physical Presence that his end is near and imminent, so he has waged a campaign in the attempt to “discredit” My Person by someone that he thinks you deem creditable—my daughter. That is a good strategy to use on anyone ELSE, because of their ability and willingness to lie. However, that is ineffective when being applied to Me – The Independent One, Negative Free. And because of the disbelief of man concerning this Reality and the failure to make the proper move in this matter will most certainly prove to be a fatal mistake.

There is NO BETTER WAY to show Love and Concern to My People, other than Be The Truth, Share The Truth, and Teach The Truth—whether they reject it, because of ignorance or accept it because of Love and intelligence.

A final note of caution: leave this Whiteman and his affairs ALONE – it is being dealt with in a Divine Way. Take advantage of the opportunity to build for Self, and leave The Destruction to Me.

Royall, Allah in Person

P.S. For the next few days much basic knowledge will be shared with the reader. This post is an addition to The Plan and Order of the Knowledge of what I Am Sharing. Keep an eye out for the following posts every 2- to 3-days at
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I Am Sure the reader will find power that he may USE from said knowledge.
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