By ROYALL, Allah in Person
October 29, 2002
This statement “Royall – Allah in Person”, has offended and is offensive to many that have been taught to view Allah other than the way He Is. Offensive or not it must be expressed the way it really is because of the shortness of Time. I cannot afford to beat around the bush to be in favor with those who are ignorant of this Truth. There are certain things that must be known by the individual that will place Him in accord with the changing of Time. Here are a few keys that will help one in this endeavor in the Creation of God.

The Original Allah, The Best Knower, decided to decline in presenting Himself in his fullness to properly identify the fault in His Creation. This provided an opportunity that was seized by Me, to Present Myself to the original Allah as the Answer of his quest. Of course this entails the Knowing and mastery of EVERYTHING that was Created and made by the Original Allah. This took many, many, many years. To give a hint as to the time that this was in the making, one has only to check the color of the sky during the time of a sunny day, which is blue. That is the color that represents the birth of a “Baby Boy.” So as to make sense to the reader, out of the nine known planets Earth, the physical home of Allah Himself is the only planet that expresses the color Blue. Coincidence? No! An example of perfect planning.

In this language there are volumes upon volumes that can be written on the truth on the subject. Because of the limited space of this post I will start from a time that is familiar with one’s thinking. I, Being New, The All-Knower, appearing as Complete must ALWAYS be seen as male and female making my physical entrance in the world (planet) as a twin male and female to the point of having a spiritual twin in the form of a physical person. This is a process used or developed for the express purpose of keeping me clean, or negative-free. To describe the vessel that I arrived in (My mother) is self-explanatory when understood. Knowing that the only is IS Allah, which caused us to name her Isabelle, identifying both persons -- mother and child. She, being the Bell – I Being The Is. Because of this very reason I have embarked upon this infallible plan in solving the problem for the best Knower. There are many difficulties that must be confronted and overcome. The most difficulty of all difficulty is bringing the Blackman out of his state of death and ignorance. However, like all babies and children there are parents or guardians for said child. Likewise with Me, and if the child is obedient to said parent or guardian a great love is shown towards said child. One day, when speaking with two of my guardians (Scientists) one expressed to Me his great love and appreciation, and said “ROYALL, you love Truth so much you even try to find it in wrong.” This is the driving force that will not allow me to abandon My Promise to the Original Allah. Part of the promise is to restore and return the Brother of Allah back to his Original Family. Because of the seriousness of said objective, the best of the Original Allah's creatures are aiding me in that process. They all answer to me as a showing of their appreciation and to ensure my success.

The greatest of them are the twenty-three scientists. I, Royall, Have Many, Many Names, however ROYALL is the most befitting at this time. It is an introductory name of the power and majesty in your midst. To go much further in the description of my being self created is not wise because of the open enemy’s knowledge of you (Blackman). Some people are asking why I am not confronting the government or the world, mainly America. The answer: they already know of Me and my presence and they are attempting to control what I do or not do by holding the Blackman as a hostage, keeping him close, using him as a shield. This tactic is only effective until the Blackman sees Me and accepts Me, or rejects me. Whichever the case may be, that is the marking of the open enemies end. I am not, nor will I beg the Blackman to accept his own, All of them that see and move out towards his salvation in a genuine way will prove to be the cream of the planet by his or her own acceptance. Saving the Blackman is very little of what I have to do, however, it is among the first. After that all things are to be made New, which entails the whole universe -- so much so it will eventually reach the cleaning up of the other two universes.

So Blackman if you have an eye to the future or clear vision you will not be able to see the end of opportunity. I encourage you to read this post continuously until it invokes perpetual positive thoughts, and if that is unachievable I, Royall, am Invitable. And for those of you from the nothing generation that is already primed for the absence of understanding, engage someone 40 years and above to dialogue with concerning this post.

There is more than enough remaining to be told or taught concerning me, by Me that will stagger one’s imagination. A note of caution: do not allow yourself to be caught up with someone else’s stupidity concerning what has been shared here with you, the reader. Remember, there is no advantage gained from a lie especially at this level – this is freely given by Me.

Royall, Allah in Person
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