Missing The Nation
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
From the time of 1930-1975, a span of 45 years, a myriad of trial and tribulation occurred from the time of Master Fard Muhammad to the imprisonment of Elijah Muhammad, and overcoming the continuous overwhelming presence of the hypocrites and the open enemy Elijah produced a Nation.

It has been proven that our most common and consistent enemy to this very date has been and is ignorance. Everything one can think of and imagine of negative came against the building of the nation by Elijah. The current behavior and selfish thinking (personal) of the followers in the Nation of Islam—which are taught by their leader, teacher and guide (Minister Louis)—are very insensitive to the process of how things work. There are many, many followers of the Messenger that remember the participation, suffering and sacrifice that they contributed to the building of said Nations (Messenger's) at least ten years prior to the Messenger's passing, all full-time Members employed by the Nation that were in Chicago, and some other places worked exclusively FOR the nation and the rise of the Blackman. Whether you were a misbeliever, disbeliever or hypocrite they experienced an environment of self-meaning. Whatever one would need was provided by the Nation because of the Messenger's leadership. We had food, clothing and shelter, jobs, and all sorts of activities to accommodate our needs. 99-1/2% of the followers interact in the nation without ever dealing with the open enemy (Whiteman), which is a feeling that is indescribable.

The best way to describe the condition is that we must have it again, or kill or die in the pursuit to reproduce or magnify this unforgettable, Divine Experience, making one in agreement with the prayer where it reads: "my life and my death are all for Allah" (this Nation). Due to this unforgettable experience, the producer of the righteous and the 144,000 remnant or elect justifying Allah in His Own Person to Come and reproduce said condition and add to this sought-after condition.

Hope was produced when the well-known speaker, Minister Farrakhan began his duty of reminding us. It was like a breath of fresh air—a shot of life pumped in the body, causing many of the followers to support giving over and over again in the anticipation of rebuilding the missing Nation.

For 10 years Minister Farrakhan steered the hearts of the Blackman and troubled the hearts of the open enemy. Things were looking better than promising, however the Nation was not to be promising—however the Nation was not to be built by a Minister, which we now see. This is a Duty that can only be performed by Allah Himself in His Own Person. One may ask, “why has this missing nation not been found?” The answer is simple: when you are able to identify The Divine One, you will have found the missing Nation.

For example, Mr. Elijah Muhammad never received the resources from his own people, amounting to $2- to $3-million dollars at one time as a gift or unearned revenue, such as the Minister, and because of his divinity, even in the face of the hypocrites and open enemy, the Nation continued to rise until his passing in 1975. The Nation has been missing since the passing of the Messenger to this very date. In the place where we remembered it to be (Nation), one can only find taught expression of “I got mine, you have yours to get”, as though there was no foundation laid by prior members in the building of a righteous kingdom (Nation). This attitude has raised only one person and that is to the position of shame, who is known by the public and his followers as Minister Louis Farrakhan. Because of Minister Louis’ actions he has magnified disbelief, hopelessness and non-trust to the point of Me, Royall, Allah in Person, having to make—MAKE myself known.

The Nation is missed so greatly that the talk and expression from the Brothers (Blackman) is of building the Nation without the Minister or any other KNOWN leader, failing to recognize the Nation can only be brought back by The Divine One, Allah Himself—that which I have already started that answers the complete need of us as a people. However because of ignorance, personalism, jealousy and envy, I am being overlooked, or not being looked at AT ALL—which amounts to a definite case of suicide for the Blackman.

Remember, Blackman, your instructions are to “fly TO Allah”, not to a Messenger, or a Minister, or any other well-meaning Brother. The victory is Allah's and only Allah's. Accept this and live or reject it, and . . !


Allah in Person

P.S. Because of the need to answer the mindset of the Believers, this post is being presented as an addition to the promised lineup.
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