By ROYALL, Allah in Person
I will make this witness-bearing vibration of movement short and sweet to the interest of the reader.

For every motion or movement a sound is produced, most of which that is produced by creation is unable to be heard by the naked ear for the express purpose of perpetuating peace. For the would-be thinker, man has learned how to compose sounds that are heard by the ear in such an arrangement that it can produce moods or control them. Man has sounds that some of his best work is produced under the influence of music, which tends to move him on a higher plane.

On the other hand mankind, through his study of music, (combination of sounds) is presented to the world as an aid to Satan which brings you down, which never allows you to escape the downward pull of its gravity. It has so thoroughly indoctrinated the Blackman that he has become a killer of self and now has stooped to the level of serial killer. If proven to be a fact, the largest contributor to the loss of this generation is due to the mis-use of the power of music. Music has the power to cause one to be in perfect harmony with the rhythm of his being (body), or to remove him from said harmony, placing him off-balance to the point of losing his spiritual equilibrium.

There are many instruments made that, if played correctly, will bring peace to the mind. However out of all that is made the Best comes from The Creator, which is the human being (Black man). It was placed in the body two organs that ensure musical sounds (singing) that if used properly or divinely developed will allow one’s mind to rise on the suggested meaning of its sound, to the edge of the Universe. These two organs are: the tonsils and appendix. They have the ability to control sound coming in and out of the body, as a protection in maintaining the body’s harmony with Nature. For example, one of the most agreeable voices that allows this divine travel spoken of is the voice of Patti Labelle. However, if there is very little righteousness found in you, you will not develop a Love for such music, such as we see produced from this lost generation. This is a wonderful day for you, Blackman, that I, Royall – Allah in Person – am Here making All Things New, and Music is at the top of my priorities.

Remember, My presence here amongst the Heavenly body caused the angels to sing a New song because of the Glory of My Presence.

As always, much more to share.

Royall, Allah in Person
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