Going Ahead of Allah
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Going ahead of Allah is a habit more frequently used than all habits expressed by man. This is a practice that appears to be so natural that one has to put forth a conscious effort to abstain from said habit. The set of circumstances that makes this habit almost unavoidable was permitted to be brought about by Allah as an experiment in part of checking His Handiwork

The possibility of this habit was introduced into the world by one man --- the Caucasian. This man was given the right and the authority over all intelligent life. To be born or come into his way of thinking (sin) and to enforce his thinking everyone was made to work or be in motion by his standard of thinking (baptized). This has proven to be the Blackman's worse enemy. Why? Because it makes him to judge from the eye of his baptism (sin). What a perfect way to be the God of your making!

Allah, The Real God, the One of Righteousness, is the One that we must remember gave permission for this present reality that we are experiencing. Also set in motion for one to remember that this is a Divine Plan that in order to break the natural grip of the God of sin you must have a New Way of thinking and produce activity (work) that baptizes one in the New thinking. The success of said activity can only be produced from or by Allah Himself and this will prove to be the most difficult thing to achieve, to the point of bordering on the impossible simply because of the urge to judge The New (Allah) from the eye of the world's wicked baptism.

I, Royall, at this Day and Time, Am a Living Example of an Idea in Motion and because this Idea is New, all that the Idea represents is freedom for the man that is to be made New. However, because of the present world being at it's end the Blackman is always trying to judge the beginning of the New with a knowledge that has reached its end, such as: "Royall cannot be Allah, if He was, He would be doing 'this' or 'that', or He would have 'this' or 'that'". Even in the face of the example lived out and laid out by The Messenger (Elijah Muhammad) the Blackman is still unable to properly assess what is taking place today by Me, Royall, because of the use of this world's knowledge. In order to make the Message attractive and real from The Messenger he put the Message to work (in motion). Where in proving that mere thought without work or motion counts for nothing, which we see it is the same today.

There are many, many Brothers that are so in love with their own thinking that it has paralyzed them in the circle of thought which is producing nothing. The Blackman must, MUST realize that he must get up and do for self, only from the Idea of Freedom and Independence, therefore making his motion different from the open enemy although they appear to be the same. For example, working on a job or owning the business that produces the job are two different experiences.

And for those of you that are in a hurry and are unwilling to go through the discipline (sacrifice) to produce the groundwork for stability for the desired results will eventually experience your end. There are at least two or more Brothers that developed the idea of an internet ministry and because they went to work (in motion) and produced the results of said idea you may frequently read of their boasting because of the feeling of accomplishment. And in order to protect their accomplishment they are very reluctant to accept criticism of their worked-out idea. With that being the case, what about the idea of Freedom and perfection? How much more is involved to bring a level of accepted accomplishment of said idea? The need to be baptised in this New Idea is literally a life or death matter.

So Blackman, wakeup, and accept Life forever, or the death of you along with the death of the present world's baptism. Remember Blackman, the old idea (sin) has reached its end and the New Idea has just begun. To ensure the success of this idea it is being brought in by One Man -- Royall, Allah Himself. And, remember, this was promised as a reward to Minister Louis if he had not deviated from The Message under the term of "The New Book", which means that it was not present during the time of The Messenger, making it impossible for the knowledge of this world to be its judge.

So Wakeup Blackman, and bring your fraction (ideas) to the whole (New), which will make you a part of this Great Birth called New!

And don't forget: "He Makes All Things New."

Royall, Allah in Person
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