Just Out of Reach
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
"Just out of reach" is a reality that is far too familiar to the Blackman here in North America.

From the time of our chattel slavery, freedom has been the most desired reality one could ever imagine. Watching the overseer riding his horse, moving ever-so-authoritatively around and about the slaves with the ever-present freedom “just out of reach”. This condition prevails to this very day. After chattel slavery and the creation of the two major government parties, Democratic and Republican, the Blackman jumped at the possibility of freedom through the Republican party and then the Democratic party, realizing again that Freedom was “just out of reach.”

Now, history has shown the drive and pursuit of this desired reality has produced several different leaders for and from the Black man to accomplish this pursuit. One of the greatest accepted leaders by the Negro was Martin Luther King, Jr. His ability to attract and articulate the present condition and present aspiration of the Blackman at the time was earthshaking. It gave the appearance that freedom had arrived at last, however it still remained “just out of reach”. The experience of slavery has forced the Blackman here in North America to overdevelop the attributes of patience, mercy, and forgiveness, which is being used to produce hope and magnify it in the sense of tolerating the cause of his slavery—while hoping the slave master “sees” his divine error he is making in creation to The Creator. While realizing freedom is “just out of reach”, the main problem with the once-slave (Black man) is trying to shake off the incredible effect of the blinding reality of the slave-man's application of his wicked rule which caused the Blackman to overlook the answer to his quest for freedom.

The Divinity and Power stressed by Elijah Muhammad is most certainly the base or foundation that when built upon will produce and satisfy the quest for freedom that appears to be “just out of reach”. During the Blackman's thorough indoctrination and participation in the Caucasian's activities has caused him (Blackman) to abandon all that is Divine to the point of replacing divinity with personalism, thinking that they are one and the same. The fact of the matter is there is no way that this world can develop that which can't even begin to measure the power of the Divine. And this is one activity that the Caucasian and Satan will give their life in order to keep you away from it. By him knowing that if he were to aid or permit the Blackman here in North America to gravitate back to that kind of power it will be over for everyone else other than the Original Man -- The Blackman.

The Caucasian has found that by keeping freedom "just out of reach" of the Blackman will always keep him tied to slavery while he remains the slave master. This method has been effective on all of our leaders -- except one, which is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and he has produced One to Answer or Finalize this quest for Freedom, in the personage of ROYALL -- Allah in Person.

I, Royall, Am Freedom, and because of the slave master’s teachings and the desperate attempt of Satan to keep this fact hidden makes Me seem as though I am “just out of reach”. The Time Has Arrived! No longer is freedom “out of reach”, it now can be seen and experienced with Me, ROYALL—who is Freedom in the Nation of Freedom that I Am Building, which is The United Nation of Islam.

This building is being done at a time when confusion, misery, lying, distrust, and war is the order of the day, causing the Blackman to feel that he is so pressured that he does not have time to investigate the possibility of another failing "movement" for fear of losing time in his every-day activity of SURVIVAL. The steps that are taken by Me, ROYALL, are sure and true, while all others are stumbling and fumbling trying to determine WHERE to step.

Blackman it is incumbent upon you to learn this method of surety so you can be trusted because without trust you cannot be utilized in the building of the Righteous Kingdom, or nothing RIGHT -- for that matter. Remember, Freedom is in your reach. Take hold of it and treat it like your first love -- that which is faithful to you.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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