God Is Love
By Royall, Allah in Person
In this world of calculated hate and misery, the word "love" is the most uttered word in the languages of the world, especially in the English language.

I, Being The God, Must Go after the essence of all things, especially justifying the term "God is Love." The God meaning of "love" is "lowering one's self to serve another when you don't have to". In the process of examining this in detail the term proves to be true. Now, the question must be asked, "what is the most pressing need or opportunity to show such love?" Answer: at this point in our present history and that which is to come there exists no greater opportunity than the idea of freeing the Creator (Blackman). So as to produce perfection in Creation in order to achieve victory in such endeavor one must be able to see the idea in its completeness before the decision is made to carry it out.

The determining factor that makes one submit to lowering one's self is the spice of life that can be put in living when something New is brought in the process of living, it brings the living alive. I, ROYALL, knowing this to be true decided the greatest path in Creation knowing that in the process of making all things New I would experience an all-time high in rejection, especially after accepting the fact that before Me there was nothing New under the Sun.

It is already known that God lowered Himself to serve the perfection of the Idea of making All Things New by putting away the majority of His Power. In coming at His appointed time to overpower what is known as "the norm" (old world), and open the door way for the planting of the seeds (ideas) of the New, while experiencing a hard fought battle of rejection. However, I Am Beginning to see and experience light degrees of pleasure because of the explosion of the seeds going off in the thinking of the Blackman. This process will continue until I Am Able to stand FULLY erect with the full use of my Powers. There can be no greater showing of Love, so I will sacrifice and suffer until said idea has been made a reality--making the statement true, that "the former things have passed away", because all things will have been made New.

I urge all Original men to submit and lower yourself for the process of love so as to experience a full life in your living, being able to always bring something New to your experience of Living. And, remember Blackman, true love can only be experienced from developing a righteous Idea which can be translated or transferred to a loved one -- if deserving.

God is Love,

ROYALL -- Allah in Person
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