By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Father is a term used to identify the most fortunate beings on the planet. Why? Because it gives each one the opportunity to be God, or at least experience what God experiences being Number One. The God definition of "Father" is "first and farther." To be first is an opportunity granted to the wide-awake man. To be a Father, one must prepare or be prepared by his upbringing and/or thinking that will allow for the fine-tuning of his genes which, in time, will magnify him. What a wonderful opportunity!

There is a great need that must be filled by the Father in the choosing of a proper Mother, which in essence allows the man-child mercy and fluctuation in his development of said genes. After a seven-to-10 year process of experiencing the Mother, the child realizes he needs ANOTHER more than his Mother. This is a process that calls for the Father to take the child further in his learning through EXPERIENCE --- allowing the Father to put the final touches on the "thoroughbred" of his genes before allowing it the freedom to go from Father and Mother. If the Mother has performed her duty well in teaching the man-child it forces the Father to love and produce the oneness that is required between husband and wife.

This process should be applied to a Universal "Father and Mother", which will bring comfort and understanding to the confused thinking of the today's leaders and followers. In the course of clarity, I advise for the interest of the reader, that you look over the recent 70-year history. You will find Allah planting the sperm of life in the brain of his wife, Elijah Muhammad -- which, in turn, produced genetically inclined children that are now ready to meet their Father, so as to be taken further.

So I say to you Blackman: Do not squander the opportunity for you to repeat the process of "Father", because anything less than that will not be accepted by the Universal Father.

Think over this.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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