Avoiding Death
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Death is a state of motionlessness and so accepted by the living that one finds it hard, purposely, to escape the tenets of it. Because of the vigor of life it causes one to ignore these deadly tenets, placing the meaning of death as “the evil accident of Time.” Because of all of the adverse things done and fed to the body that accelerate the speed of death, it is always said that these things were not done intentionally, therefore styling it as “an accident”--death being the result over a period of time.

The Blackman here in North America has more to deal with than death being an accident because of the mathematically calculated death put in place for him by the slavemaster has made it all-but impossible to live no more than half of the lifespan of what the Time predicts. Once a man has been robbed of his spiritual being and awareness, death has already permeated his being. From that time until he physically dies he will suffer from a numbness unable to protect himself from the acceleration of the inevitable.

All beings are placed here on the planet to express life. In the Blackman's nature he is so endowed with life that even in our dead state we gave life to our open enemy and helped him to maintain it--and he is a man by nature that is a destroyer of life. After the hundreds of years of working for nothing from “can't see to can't see”, we were forced by this man of Death to build for him a kingdom that eventually engulfed the Earth. The power that made us work, even to our demise, to help the Caucasian be the ruler was done because of a Promise from Allah to our open enemy, assuring him of his “success”. Now, we are at the time, the Time of the promise for us--the Original man--to be Brought back to our God-state in addition to that to the point of making us New. However, even bearing witness to the life of the success of Allah's Promise to the Caucasian, we are extremely reluctant to allow ourselves to be brought back so the promise to us by Allah can be filled.

It appears that the Blackman has been dead too long, and the Blackwoman asleep beyond the period of time of her awakening. We now readily accept the reality of “we have plenty of nothing, and nothing is plenty for us.” If that attitude were allowed to continue it would make Allah to be a liar--and that, no one can do.

I, Royall, Being Allah, Am more than familiar, and confident with both attitude and The Promise. Confident, because I am bubbling over, with the Knowledge, Wisdom and Power and a forever-energized Will to make The Promise a Reality. By now all men--especially the ones that are being ruled should realize that they are locked in a pattern of Death, and the need for Me is overwhelming. And, because of this great need, there is nothing or no one equipped with the Knowledge or Power to alter the results of The Promise made to the Blackman. The faster or quicker the Blackman wakes up and gets up will determine when he experiences the said reality of The Promise. So, to make light of and to ignore the knowledge AND opportunity that I Have developed for your Freedom is against your own rise--and not Me.

I have waited until all opposition ran its course for the express purpose of those who really see and want the fulfillment of this Promise will be justified in pursuing their participation with Me. Because of the overwhelming evidence lived by those developed by Me, they are the definites in the fulfillment of The Promise.

Read over this, and make your choice. If your choice is to be with Me, you have avoided Death. If you remain where you are, total Death is imminent.

Royall, Allah in Person
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