By ROYALL, Allah in Person
The United Nation of Islam is a system set up by Allah to express His Nature--which is Righteousness. This is a system of motion that attracts the Righteous and automatically offends the unrighteous.

Prior to this time the nature of the man of this world has punished the Righteous so severely for trying to be right and in harmony with their righteous nature that it has caused severe doubt whether the God of Righteousness has the power to overcome this wicked world. This makes it very difficult for Allah to show His Saving Power, because to the Righteous, the urgency for the need of such power supersedes the why and how this saving power is to be expressed.

The term "friendships in all walks of life" brings justification to the word "United", because there are many different levels of righteousness that give support to the said Nature of Allah Himself. Remember, nothing of good is to be thrown away--it is to be utilized at its ability to perform. We have now reached the FINAL stage for the sifting of the different degrees of righteousness. Prior to now, the time of this writing, man had become like mankind, satisfied with only searching for God, never expecting to see or talk face to face with God. The latest, clear example of said problem is the Nation of Islam, expressed through the so-called "helper" (Louis) of the Messenger of God (Elijah). This man's behavior as the leader of the Nation of Islam has confirmed the prior comfortability of never physically seeing Allah in His Own Person, as He Really Is. Allah, nevertheless, is making Himself Known, which is bringing about disbelief and anger to mankind and the so-called righteous by dispelling the darkness of the error in their thinking concerning Allah.

The many, many followers of The Messenger (Elijah) and Minister Louis -- the leader of the Nation of Islam -- are finding themselves at a mental impasse, unable to accept the changing or purifying of the saving power that will place them in position for life in the Hereafter.

The hypocrites and detractors are so angry with Allah, ROYALL, for removing the mystery from the world's thinking concerning the salvation of the Righteous that the followers of the Nation of Islam cannot believe what they are witnessing coming from Me -- Allah in Person -- not realizing the light that I bring is the cause of their rapid decline, brought on by their refusal to see the clarity of the Time and what Must Be Done. I, ROYALL, Allah, personally warned Minister Louis that everyone except one was going to leave him because of his behavior, he and his followers would not accept being blessed by Me. Minister Louis thought the blessings from his followers to him was a blessing from Me, not realizing that because of his behavior it proved to be more of a trap set by Satan, than a blessing from Me.

Now it is plain to see that he has smothered the righteousness that was in him, leaving his followers in a magnified disadvantage. This disadvantage is so severe that it will not allow them to agree on the simplest Truth, which is proven to be a mental impasse that if not changed will cause them to pass. We are not in the time of Ministers, or Messengers, or Prophets, we are in the TIme of Allah Himself -- not a representative. Because of due diligence I have brought everyone's attention to the crossroads of life (right and wrong). The mathematical method that is taught by Me which has brought such clarity that one has no excuse for not making the right choice, regardless to who it is. This process has angered Satan to the point of trying to hurl confusion into this clarity by attacking Me as a Person from his favorite position of darkness wishing to kill Me in the minds of the people, while keeping him alive in the reasserted mystery and doubt, which is very familiar in the thinking of the people.

This process has trapped the Minister and his followers and the followers of The Messenger, which is bringing a closure to the prophecy in First Kings of the Bible--where it reads "each man got up and went his own way." Because of the fear of Solomon -- ROYALL. This we see being lived out. The practice of congratulating and rewarding each other is what caused them to go their own way, instead of the way to Allah. This is a problem easily solved -- just change your thinking and begin taking of the definite. A note of caution: do not let Satan use your guilt against you. Allow Me, Allah to Judge you -- if you intend to live.

What I Am Sharing and Doing is not debatable. This is such a definite that you are warned to accept it or leave it alone. Remember, if what I Am Doing could be done by someone else it would have been known by now, and when you look you will find no one that fits The Time and The Need other than Me -- ROYALL.

Regardless to how distasteful this is, the facts will not change. No one other than Allah Himself has the Plan for the development of this Righteous Kingdom that goes beyond the need of just "food, clothing and shelter." Waking up and getting up today is a must if you intend to have any relationship with The Supreme Being -- One whose Idea never sleeps.

Part Two of this subject will be forthcoming in the near future -- a few words that may turn out to be an expression of Love or Mercy. Those of you that wish to hurt or do harm to Me, you are wasting time, because that is impossible to do.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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