By ROYALL, Allah in Person
This writing of the United Nation of Islam is to serve as a mini-sketch of its activities that are producing the proper foundation. The UNOI is the righteous entity that shows “no respecter of person”, meaning that salvation is offered to all people, making it a choice of the person whether to freely participate or not. I know this statement immediately brings to mind the question: “Are White people permitted in The UNOI?” Answer: they are permitted to participate with the righteous as long as they adhere to the strictness of the Laws that form the foundation of said Nation. I, ROYALL, Am Allah, and I must keep My Word - therefore utilizing the knowledge that was taught to the Muslim Sons.

The awesome task of producing a Righteous Nation out of total filth is an activity that only Allah can be successful at. To be able to express the idea that attracts the would-be righteous is more than a notion. The pressing need for food, clothing and shelter to be produced from our hands, the Blackman, is almost impossible at the onset or beginning because of the insistence of doing it right. The UNOI is set up by laws that assure the absence of “Big I” and “Little You”. The idea of Freedom is what is constantly worked for which is achievable as long as priorities are achieved and respected.

This Nation that I Am Producing will prove to be perfect because of the absence of the key element of confusion, which is the love of money and the use of it. Because of this world's use of money We find it to be useful - temporarily - until We develop our own form of currency. For example, in the United Nation of Islam there is no No. 2 Poor Treasury. All monies are directed to the National Account which I and others are signatured for said account. I, ROYALL, have had no separate account of My Own. All monies are easily accounted for. This ensures against the weakness, greed and selfishness - a key element for success.

The United Nation of Islam conducts itself in such a manner to educate our children in the proper way of thinking and learning. It soon will become a breeding ground for inventors and Creators, to bring forth from them the treasures of life. Our Sisters and Mothers are taught Natural Laws of prevention of sickness and disease - a unified place is being developed for the protection of this unified effort. Housing is being reconstructed for better living. The study of farming and food is in motion for our better health. New forms of energy are being developed that is environmentally clean and free. Trade with our people here and abroad is in motion. The opportunity to experience our geniusness is being asked for in the Motherland - a place where we can show and tell without being under the strenuous laws of the U.S. that are shaped and formed to deny any activity of motion for freedom or against capitalism.

Remember, Blackman, this is your opportunity to participate in the change of the world, bringing it back into the reflection of the Will of Allah. These few examples will give the onlooker a small glimpse of the “DNA” of The United Nation of Islam, everything mentioned, and many things that are not and currently taking place as you are reading this post.

Now, to get to the reason for your refusal to accept the mathematics of the inevitable. If what was shared was shared by a so-called “good Brother” the Blackman (Muslim) would be tripping over his own feet trying to get to this “good Brother”. Instead, your disbelief in the Reality of Allah being a Black Human Being causes one to accept the crazy notion that the things mentioned above being done by a Man, which all evidence points to the Truth of said man, “has got to be a grave error in the Man's thinking of His identity.” This can only be done by ignoring or not believing what God Said He would Do at His Coming.

It is a must that you put away personalism and deal with The Promise made to you by its Author. Up until now there has always been a person pointed out by Allah to you as His Representative, such as all of the prophets right up to the Seal of the Prophets - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his helper, Minister Farrakhan. Today, that is no longer necessary because of the presence of Allah Himself. The emphasis expressed and taught by Allah - ROYALL - is the Idea of Perfection and how to achieve it, not of My Person, which has caused so many to stumble because of personalism.

 We now have a living example of personalism made larger than life, which is Minister Louis, the leader of the Nation of Islam. He, the person, is loved so much by the public that they are just beginning to realize that “that kind of love” has produced nothing. Some of the followers in his (Louis') Nation of Islam are now seeking knowledge and ANSWERS to their questions from a follower that they believe is well-qualified to do what their “loving Minister” won't do. This action confirms the end of personalism. When this is fully realized as being the end of our present stagnation, the Nation will take on a growth so rapid that it would be inconceivable that the Blackman was ever in the state of nothingness as he is today!

Remember Muslims - it was stated by The Messenger that the Nation would fall and rise again so fast that it would look like it was never down!

More on this subject, if need be.

ROYALL - Allah in Person
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