Marriage and/or Wives
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Due to the separatist nature of the Caucasian and the authority that he expresses in this country (USA) a period cannot be placed on the divinity of marriage because of the conflict between what is legal and Nature.

If one were to look at everything from the base of Divine (Nature) one would be more apt to find the Truth that is in harmony with said nature. Legally, one may have only one wife according to the law of this land. So when one says he is married, it is automatically assumed he has one wife. This subject of marriage and wives is being brought to me more and more frequently than ever because of the longing to be married even to those who think that they are. I, Being Allah, am always found performing marriage in all levels of life. I am always merging, or bringing together things and things and different vessels of life to function as one for the purpose of magnifying the idea of Perfection.

The highest form of said union is that of man and woman of like nature. In order for Allah --Royall -- to show his love to man is to give him a woman, which is the greatest gift of gifts. The reason for such gift is for man to actively be like God Himself by being able to have at his side an understanding mirror which, in turn, reflects his thinking, which in fact grounds him or causes him to be stable in his judgment of life. This is an accepted activity granted to man before the making of the Caucasian race. The reason that brought about the making of the Caucasian and the giving of authority to him nullifies the divine results that marriage was to produce by the order of its design. The nature of the made-man is to do all that he can against Nature which has produced for us the woes of marriage -- instead of the pleasures of it.

A real marriage today in this world: that of our woman (Blackwoman) married to their enemy (Caucasian). She has become one with the thinking of mankind, making OUR woman "his wife", and placing most Blackmen in the awkward position of trying to be husband to "his wife". This vicious cycle that has trapped our people up has produced a situation that only Allah Himself can solve. We are making the journey through the transitional period from wrong to right. We have been on this journey since 1914, which calls for the presence of Allah Himself to bring a closure to wrong in confirming the practice of right.

Regarding this subject, the only way man can show his love to Allah is by the way he treats his wife, and this largely depends upon the merging of the wife with the husband. When this proves to be a harmonious marriage, more knowledge is granted to the husband which allows him the ability to present something new, which may increase the activity to the circle in which they are operating -- so much so it may reach the level which dictates the need for another wife, or an addition to the wife. This process may continue until the need expressed with knowledge has been fulfilled.

The said above is explaining the need for more than one wife, and when one takes a Divine glimpse at those whom Allah granted more than one, we see according to scriptural writing that they are Divine men expressing divinity. Such as the majority of the prophets, which the Quran states that the Prophets wives are not like any other women.

 The one that is most talked about concerning wives is Solomon, the possessor of 700 wives and 300 concubines, with a number so great one may ask "how can this be justified?" The answer: knowledge. Remember, the more knowledge you have by nature, the more wives are granted to you. And it is documented that Solomon had more knowledge given to him than anyone before him or that shall come after him.

Well, one may ask, why not have Brothers with you instead of a large number of wives? Answer: a brother has the same capability to be a husband like the One who has many wives -- plus, he is not to be loyal to another man, only to the laws and principles that govern his nature. A wife, or wives, belong to the husband, and by nature she is duty bound to be dedicated to her husband until death do them part.

I, Royall, Am Allah -- The Fullness of Solomon, The New Creator -- which justifies such an array of beautiful gifts called wives. In reality, in the near future, a man will be known for his wisdom according to the number of wives that he has. They really represent how wise he really is. To be able to produce a likeable livelihood for each and every wife, and the ability to treat them all equal requires such wisdom. Wives are never to be taken on as a wife because of a sexual preference or pleasure. Life must be given to her head (thinking), first, and there must be an agreeable acceptance by the wife of that said life before physical life is placed in the womb.

These two places, if done correctly, will insure the oneness of the marriage. The said above can only be done in the United Nation of Islam, which is being developed by Me, Royall, Allah in Person.

There is much, much more that is being taught by Me concerning this subject. I, Royall, Am the only, only One that can produce the true elements for a real marriage. I AM the living example. Remember Blackman: to turn this around in your favor you must marry Me, Allah Himself, as your woman is married to the God of this world Do not delay this expected marriage.

A Note from your Real Husband,

Royall, Allah in Person
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