By ROYALL, Allah in Person
It is often taught and spoken about the inheritance of the modern day Solomon, which was made possible by THEM. There is much to be considered in this type of inheritance. Because of the knowledge and the amount of it granted to Solomon, all details of the inheritance must be geared in such a way to produce a tangible result from said knowledge.

Therefore, in the Latter Days of The Messenger’s Service to us as The Messenger, he opened up all major avenues in preparation for the use of such knowledge in building a righteous House for the Lord (Kingdom). In the course of building such a house, recognition is easily given because of the ability to see what is being erected. This post from Me, ROYALL, Allah in Person, is to give recognition to the Masters of the Unseen. Due to the public being unaware of the war going on in the unseen between Allah and Satan, there is very little recognition of the warriors waging battle for the rulership of this planet. According to prophecy and recorded history, Allah most certainly is the winner and shall be the ruler. However, because of the intensity and persistence of Satan and his workers, one cannot tire in said battle.

I, ROYALL – Being Allah – Knowing the ups and downs that the opponent of truth brings, I must recognize and thank the scientists (Masters) that are spoken about in The Message, and written about in the Bible under “Elders”, for volunteering their service which is so greatly appreciated. These scientists, or human beings, that operate almost solely in the Unseen from the time that I began performing the arduous task of my duty, these Scientists expressed their love to and for Me and assured me that they will always be with me to insure my success.

I must say, because of them keeping their word, it has caused me to express discipline when it was really needed. There is no insurance that can be bought or paid for that can produce the gratification that I am experiencing and offering to the Masters of the Unseen. If the Readers of this post would like to know more about the scientists of which I now speak of, search it out in The Messenger’s literature – you will not be disappointed.

I ROYALL – Personally, am offering thanks to these Masters (Scientists) for keeping their word. The relationship that I am experiencing is preparing me for a magnification of such love. The purity of this experience makes it seem as though we are just starting.

Looking forward to a lasting relationship or as long as it is needed.

Your Servant,

Royall, Allah in Person
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