A Reminder To Remember
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Knowing the power of remembering, I am asking for all those that are concerned with what I am doing, or the Knowledge that I have shared for the past year over the internet in the form of The Center Pages, focus your attention on this freely given knowledge so as to extract the power that it holds for the would-be user.

I, ROYALL, Knowing the Power that I am sharing with the reader must put a temporary period to the flow of said knowledge in order to produce the proper respect. After a short period of silence, I Will make it possible for the flow of this spring of knowledge to continue. It Is My Will that the opportunity is produced for one to do the necessary study of what has already been given.

It has been a year of Sharing of knowledge, coupled with many experiences that are needed to confirm said knowledge. So hurry with your study because of the shortness of time. If one finds a need for help in gathering the fullness of the meaning of said knowledge, call, toll free 1-800-331-7668 and help will be given. And, where there are study classes or Temples, begin participating as soon as possible.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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