As Promised The Glorious Quran, Part II
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
The Truth of all things must be revealed in its fullness in the Time which we now live. There must not be any more questions left unanswered concerning The Supreme Being and the Marvelous work of and in His Creation. Because of the two pronounced natures--positive and negative--it became Our Duty (God's) to share with the negative in written form the initial blueprint, or schematic, for the introductory of positive--that which makes all motion productive.

The book that we now know as The Holy Quran is not the original, or the first one given. Because of the many changes that were put into the original Quran by the enemy of Truth, We forbid them to continue to call it "Quran". What was originally called Quran is now called by another name--with all of the changes in it. Keeping in mind that the ones who changed the Word of The Creator still have the original scripts, therefore causing us to produce in a more dramatic way a second Quran through the very people (Prophet Muhammad) that it is sent to.

Because of the dramatized way that We caused Prophet Muhammad to receive The Revelation it placed a Divine fear in the would-be writers so as not to change it. We were not to allow the situation to develop where an excuse could be offered to The Supreme Being for not sharing the necessary instructions for one to live their life in the Will of Allah.

Now we have arrived at the end of these minor instructions given in The Quran. There must be a return to the knowledge and practice of CREATING so as to reap the full reward that is placed in Creation for Man. Allah is no longer to be cheated out of being related to Him as The Creator by His Creation. As it is written--if all of the oceans were ink, and all of the trees were pens, the knowledge of This One cannot be exhausted. Well, it is Time for THAT kind of expression to begin making Itself manifest.

As a warning to the readers of this: do not take this lightly or gloss over it. A Promise has been made that MUST be kept; so before the COMPLETE end of the promise to the wicked, the Promise to the Righteous must begin. The world has now stepped into a Time that no man should pray for. Unless you are with Me--Allah in Person--you will witness what has been promised, a Dreadful time, none like that has ever been witnessed before, because of the CHANGING of the Gods. At least we will be able to say and bear witness that this is the end and it shall NEVER happen again. So I Say to those who have the nature to go beyond The Quran--NOW IS THE TIME. Those that do not, you have only to submit to those that do.

Remember, the nature of the Righteous Man is not violent, so there will be no need of fear of the Man with the Righteous nature UNLESS you refuse to submit. It is His Time and He Must Rule--a Decree made before any of us reading this ever had eyes. This changing of the Gods is so important that The Supreme Being has not left it up to anyone to make the change FOR Him--I Am Here, Doing it Myself to ensure that it is done properly.

Read over this and what other material that you can find to support it. This is an assignment that you will not be sorry for completing. Today, what shall be, MUST BE viewed as "The Is".

More to come, if needed.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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