Dispelling Darkness
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
I, Solomon, Allah in Person, Have Begun to Give serious thought to developing what will be called a "Center Page", which will be accessible on Wednesdays at every opportunity that pressing motion will allow me to do so. I Realize that there are many people of all races and nations that are intensely reading the Knowledge and Wisdom that I Am Sharing--for the Blackman specifically, and the world in general.

This particular post is directed to the natural enemy of Truth--the Caucasian Whiteman, who, with the proper help can be encouraged enough to go against his own nature for the advancement of The Time, especially if he wants to be IN that Time. So, I Say to you, since I Am The God of all, I Will not leave the opportunity out for you to become a willing participant, since We have raised you up as God and as the power of this world.

You are in a position as a father to his children. You have plenty of what We have allowed you to have, henceforth the God of this world. I, Solomon, Allah in Person, Am offering to you the opportunity to make good the request from Elijah Muhammad of "What the Muslims Want", and "What The Muslims Believe", in an up-to-date and modern way. All things--and I do mean all things--are possible with the right cooperation. You have been allowed to have physically 2,000 by 3,000 miles of landmass. You have been allowed mentally to affect the world in your method of effective persuasion, and spiritually YOUR version of the Supreme Being, and the order of Divine. So there is no excuse for those of you that are in the position--whether it be from wealth, political or power not to, nor to refrain from offering the help to bring about the necessary change for the well-being of this Planet, and the real recognition of God Himself as The Authority Base for Certain Change.

I Am A Merciful God--the Attribute that I Express more than ANY other of My Makeup. However, the reason for Mercy must come to an end--or be brought to an end. In the very near future, even the bringing forth of NEW LIFE will be done in such a manner that it requires no mercy, eliminating the salutation, "The Beneficent, The Merciful."

These are a few words to the wise. To those of you that are reading this, GET BUSY. We are accessible. And, remember, this is an opportunity being offered, not a challenge.

The only communication that will be accepted concerning this offer is a genuine investigation an inquiry to find out how it can best be achieved. If the answer is "no", don't utter it. "No" is negative, and it will not be accepted. If it is "Yes" (for your own Salvation), it is the answer that may be accepted, if we can find the genuineness in it.

Just a few words to let you know that I have not forgotten, nor am I ignoring you. However, first things are first, and The Blackman is First; like the color of your penny has not ever changed, because it is first.

Solomon, Allah in Person
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