The Bible -- Holy or Not?
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
The most effective enemy of Allah and The Reality of His Creation is a book, specially prepared as a spiritual narcotic, that keeps one chasing after the Reality of God. This book is called "Bible", and the name "Holy" was placed on it to cause the masses to revere it. This book has been shaped and fashioned to deceive the Original of the planet. In reality, there is nothing Holy about the book because of the slanted interpretation in the written version of what the rulers of the time wanted the masses to know, whereby controlling their behavior.

The most important story in this book are prophesies of the enslavement, and then freedom, of the Blackman here in the Wilderness of North America.

The word "Bible" means "built by". During the time between the Original Quran and the need to produce the second Quran, the Bible was built. This was done at a time when there was an intense search for the Knowledge of God in the form of direction, with the intention of bringing a better life for the inhabitants of the land.

There were, at the time, some Original people who were very wise in the Knowledge of God and His Affairs. These men were always followed by the seekers of such knowledge, getting bits and pieces and this practice continued for a great while until they felt that they had enough bits and pieces to put in a book. The head man who is considered to be "holy" wears the title of their behavior, and that name is "Pope", because the knowledge that was gained came from them "poking" their nose in the business of the wisemen. In order to keep the history alive as to where the seat of authority is for these people, they named a country after them, and that country is Italy -- where they ended their roaming, and began to influence and tell the masses what they should believe concerning God.

This bit of knowledge, if given the proper thought, will free you from the allegiance that you have placed on this particular book. It is all but Holy, because it is not Original. The Messenger used to say, and rightfully so, that if he or Allah Himself does not give you the understanding of said book that it should be tossed in the garbage.

I recently spoke in the church to some Christians, and their belief in such a confusing book will not allow them to make any changes in and on their own behalf -- until the four winds are sent against them. Maybe then, and only then, out of the desperation of nature, they will put such foolishness aside. The parable of the serpent bruising the heel of the righteous most certainly comes from the country shaped "like a boot." The name "Italy" means "Here it lies (Serpent)", and who is doing the telling? The Italian people meaning "I tell you" and the elected head wears the title "Pope".

The "Pope", the one that is in the place called Rome, where he ended his roaming. Today, all Truth must be revealed and whatever is stopping the Righteous from being themselves must be brought clearly in the open so that the proper choice can be made.

If the Bible was Holy or sufficient, then the Jews would have it as their book, and there would be no need for the Quran as we know it. This war, between Allah and Satan, is reaching its apex. Remember, Satan was to go up the line (the straight path) and wait for God to Come, and by the time that Allah would arrive, Satan would have Allah's people cursing Him, just for His Namesake. Now, I am being cursed to my face because of the intensity that Truth is bringing to falsehood.

The Bible -- Holy, or not? It most certainly is not. The scripts have been changed in the effort to protect the guilty. Today, there is but One Book that is Holy--and that is Allah Himself! The One who you must give ear to. Like a Father to his son, he teaches him from the tongue and not from a book, unless it is to verify what has been told to him. There is quite a bit more concerning how, and why this was allowed to take place. However for the thinking person, these are some keys.

The question is: "Why, Royall, would you now be bringing this out?" It is because today or tomorrow, you will be calling on God and to receive an answer that can actually help you, you must know the God to call on and how to call. Time is rapidly evaporating from the heat of the Time. Make your move today, Blackman, and any other person who wants to be right.

Remember the greatest secret in Creation is about the Author of Life and its Creation.

Royall, Allah in Person
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