Having To Work With Liars
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
There has never been a time recorded on official paper that points to a more difficult task than that of saving the Blackman, for the mere fact that we have never had to go to war with the opposite side of ourselves.

Every race of man was produced from us, by us, by the process called grafting which is very familiar to us because of the different colors in plant life we produced from said process. In the process of trying to avoid the need for war we added to our foundation by matching the blackest with the blackest in marriage, producing the blue Blackman -- however unsuccessful in ridding ourselves from the brown germ.

This, in time, prompted us to develop the brown germ to its fullest final results -- the Whiteman. This new man had to be given time to rule so as to complete our study in finding a way to rid ourselves of said defect (Brown germ) -- and this is where the colossal difficulty begins -- in getting the Blackman to agree to give up part of himself whether it be good or bad that came with him by nature.

In order for us, the original Blackman, not to be intimidating or overbearing we had to stand still while the nature of the Brown germ reached its Zenith, causing the unaware Blackman to go under said nature -- to the point of taking it on.

Because of the Blackman's nature being established in Truth and righteousness, the grafted man's nature was temporarily established in deception and lies, which has uprooted the Blackman to the degree where he sees right as wrong and wrong as right, which brings the need for Me -- the All and All. And because of the power and the will of the Blackman to remain in the sickness of his lower self makes my duty more awesome than any man or God before Me. For the mere fact of having to deal with liars and their attempt to perpetuate deception as a means of advantage puts a strain on every aspect of righteousness in order to achieve the said goal of this experiment.

The Whiteman -- the end product of the Brown germ -- has fostered a whole world of lies, therefore dealing with him and his made slave forces one to deal with lies and the liar, leaving Me to operate on my own convictions, taking no partners. Because of such a deceptive practice by the would-be saved, after a few years of being dedicated to these convictions I have produced a small base of righteous activity in the form of a system that can be magnified or built-upon which is now proven to be the only righteous magnet on the planet. Keeping in mind that unalike attracts, we have now grown to the size where we are attracting the professional liars, in where they are trying to put out the light of the Truth by attempting to use Truth against itself, which shows how far the Blackman has gotten away from his natural nature -- he has forgotten the power of Truth, and I Am Here to bring him back into it, or destroy him by the use of it.

The time was given, and the flexibility or the extension also given for the toleration of the refusal to return or turn to He who originated the Heaven and the Earth. No war from a foreign agent or country was permitted to take place on this soil because of the Blackman here in North America, and because of his refusal -- according to scripture -- there is no war recorded that was or shall be as dreadful as the impending one because of said refusal.

I, Being Allah, Am not allowed to allow any emotion such as love, hate, etc., to deter Me from said objective. Remember Blackman, you have only been told through prophecy the reality of Allah's anger, and with all things considered, it appears as though the showing of said anger is inevitable.
I must say it is a fitting display to and for the liars, and at that time your wishes and prayers for Me -- to burn in hell -- will be granted -- onto you.

I leave on this note: no liars will be accepted in Heaven or The Hereafter. Accept it, or LEAVE IT ALONE.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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